VIP loves our happy campers!

  • Camp counselors must live in a home with a secured backyard and have a pet safe vehicle.
  • You eagerly take dogs into your personal home while the owners are traveling. Pets will enjoy free run of your home, lots of interaction and a fenced yard to play in.
  • As a camp counselor, you are also available to pick up and drop off your campers, therefore you must have a pet safe vehicle.
  • During camp sessions, you will be responsible for feeding, watering, administering medicine (if needed) and providing lots of love and attention, trying to keep the dog’s routine as close to its everyday life as possible.
  • Some pet camp clients understandably may request an initial meeting to get to know you and become more familiar with your home life. This is normally a quick introductory session that we offer, free of charge, and you will not be compensated.
  • Ideally, you will spend a good amount of time at home so that you can interact with your new 4-legged friend.
  • Your home life will be screened prior to assignments to make sure it is conducive to hosting pet camp. Small children and other animals in the home are allowed to be present on a case by case basis.

Camp Counselor KEYS TO SUCCESS

  • VIP pet camp counselors are always effective, prompt communicators. We here at VIP strive to build open and honest relationships and we can’t stress enough how important communication is among our entire team.
  • Take pride in knowing that a client is trusting their precious family member to care in your home. Provide frequent updates and pics of their “happy camper”.

Pay schedule is as follows:

$26 – $32 per night can vary based on number of animals.
Possible tips and annual bonuses