Fall is coming!

To celebrate the change of season, we’ve gathered a few quick pet health and safety tips that will allow the whole family to enjoy this beautiful time of year with peace of mind.

Pumpkin – Did you know mixing a couple of teaspoons canned pumpkin into your dog’s food can be good for his health? The soluble fiber in pumpkin can help with digestive issues and also contain antioxidants. Another plus, pumpkin seeds promote healthy skin, fur and urinary health. That’s a win in our book.

Shedding – As the weather gets cooler, pets will begin shedding their summer coat to allow room for their winter coat. (Time for a lint roller…) This may mean pet hair on your couch, your clothes, and everywhere in between. Make some time to brush your pet often depending how often your pet sheds.  Brushing your pet helps catch most of the unwanted hair before it ends up where you don’t want it.

Allergies – Do fall allergies drive you crazy? Well, you are not alone. Your pet can be just as susceptible to allergens as you. If you see your pet itching more than usual, you might want to check in with your vet’s office to identify any possible allergies.

Potential dangers for the season:

Snakes – In autumn, snakes preparing for hibernation may be particularly active and could pose a threat to any person or animal who comes into contact. Knowing what kinds of venomous snakes may be in your area can be very helpful. Also, be aware of where snakes are most likely to be found so you can steer clear.

Rat poison/rodenticides – Colder temperatures will drive rodents to seek warm places. Keep all rodenticides away from your pets and consider non-toxic forms of pest control.

Mushrooms – Wetter fall weather can lead to more fungus in your backyard or favorite outdoor places. Make sure you can identify toxic mushrooms to keep your entire family safe.

Winterizing cars with antifreeze – often containing ethylene glycol, antifreeze is toxic to pets. Be sure to clean up any spills quickly and keep your furry friends away from the garage while changing fluids or performing other work on your vehicle.

When it comes to securing pet health and safety, even the smallest details can have a big impact!

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