• Pet sitting visits are usually done at roughly the same time each day to keep the continuity for the dogs, cats and/or birds (yes, even animals like a little bit of structure). Most cat visits are once a day and that time can (usually) be whatever works into your schedule. If the visits are twice a day for dogs and cats then please do one visit in the morning between 7-9 a.m. and one visit in the early evening approximately 12 hours after your first visit, unless the client requests otherwise.
  • We’ve all heard of life’s Golden Rule, but did you know there is a Golden Rule of Pet Sitting?! Treat others’ pets and homes as you would have others treat yours! As you can imagine, clients need to be assured that while they are away, their pets will play. And that’s where you come in! You will walk the dogs, feed the pets, clean up their messes, administer medication when necessary and scoop out litter boxes daily (hey, we didn’t say all play and NO work ;). Now this goes without saying but it must be said all the same: you are clearly responsible for cleaning up your own messes, should you make them. Also be sure to collect mail and newspapers and water the indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Pet sitting visits vary in time based on the type of service a client books.


  • Our clients, the human ones, expect the “WOW” factor when we work with them. We expect you to provide a high-level of customer service at each and every visit. The humans and the pets will recognize that you go above and beyond, striving not only to meet, but rather to exceed their every expectation.

Pay schedule is as follows:

$9.00 – $16.00 per visit; plus tips
$8.50 per client interview
Annual pay increases and bonuses