Pet Sitters Care

Our Passion. Our Purpose.

Pet Sitters Care, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2019 by Robin Perdue, CEO of VIP Pet Services. Our mission is to support animal rescues, shelters, and other nonprofits dedicated to animal welfare with innovative fundraising and events.

Irish Wolfhound gets pets from Austin pet sitter who is serving homeless pets in Texas through Pet Sitters Care


Today, our mission to support animal welfare efforts has expanded beyond our original goals. In partnership with Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Gary Irvin, we’ve launched Rescue Markets – a culinary initiative addressing not just the needs of homeless pets but their people too. Our goal for this year is ambitious: feeding 100 homeless individuals and their pets every week.

Robin Perdue’s advocacy for animal welfare, combined with her extensive experience in the pet care industry, propels our mission forward. Her leadership has guided Pet Sitters Care from its inception, and now, through Rescue Markets, we are on a new journey to make an even greater impact for the people and pets in Texas.


Our dedication to saving homeless pets and supporting animal rescue partners remains steadfast. Through fundraising and collaboration with Rescue Markets, we’ve broadened our scope to not only raise funds for animal nonprofits but also directly support the homeless and their pets through gourmet meals and supplies.

Rescue Markets, under the umbrella of Pet Sitters Care, has become a critical part of our mission. This initiative offers an online shopping portal where the public can purchase meals, spices, and dog treats, with proceeds going directly to fund our efforts to feed homeless individuals and their pets.

Our Culinary Initiative: Rescue Markets

Dedicated to nourishing pets and people facing food insecurity, Rescue Markets provides meals and essential supplies to the homeless community in Dallas. In collaboration with Chef Irvin, Pet Sitters Care provides funding to sell meals, generating vital contributions to support our mission.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Together, we’re not just supporting rescues and shelters; we’re building a future where every pet and their companion has the support they need to thrive. Whether it’s through ordering meals from Rescue Markets or direct donations, your involvement is crucial to our mission. We appreciate your support!