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A Professional Pet Sitter

What Does a Pet Sitter DoPet sitters… what do they really do? Sit on the floor and drag a toy mouse around while Fluffy chases it? Play fetch with Fido? In 1997 “pet sitting” was officially added to the dictionary and is defined as “the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away.”

So, “caring for a pet while its owner is away.” That is broad. That can mean so much and interpreted in so many different ways. Each owner has their own definition of care.

We could write a long list that would probably go on and on. But, in order to make this a short and informative blog, we will break it down into the main points for you.

Pet Sitters Do More Than You Think


Let’s start with the obvious. Pet sitters do lots of Dog walks. Most dog owners want their dogs walked. And some owners want you to run with their dogs, so get your Nikes ready. And some owners track their dogs while they are in the care of a pet sitter/dog walker to make sure you are in fact taking them on a walk. Dog walks can range from a short potty break to multiple miles, depending on the type of dog and the owner’s goal.

Waste Removal

Let’s be real. This isn’t a job for everyone. Carrying around a poop filled bag until you find a garbage is a job for true pet lovers. And discussing on client requests, it is not uncommon for an owner to ask the sitter to use baby wipes in the rear region to ensure a clean pet. Some pet sitters even are hired to clean yards. Many different size of yards and many different size of pets in those yards leaving those piles for later. And don’t forget litter boxes! Sitters do waste removal like pros.

Food and Beverage

Cat in FridgePets need to be fed. But, not just a scoop of Kibbles n Bits, certain pets require a strict diet. We are talking raw food and/or pureed side dishes. Yes, you read that correctly. And cats, they actually require a diet high in protein, which is all the more reason for fresh, homemade meals. Snakes require… well, you know, not Kibbles n Bits, let’s just leave it at that. Rabbits enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, so hit that Farmer’s Market! People love their pets! They are family, and family deserves the best. Pet sitters must make sure they fully understand all instructions left by the owner.


Some pets require medication. There are sprays, pills, creams, injections, etc. And pet sitters need to administer those. And administer properly and timely. Pet sitters must map out their schedule based on those pets who need a certain medication at a certain time. Ever heard of a pill shooter?

Home Care

Clients entrust pet sitters with entry into their home. That means pet sitters are responsible to keeping that home safe and secure. Home care also means cleaning up any messes left by the pets. Some pet sitters have watered houseplants. They occasionally bring in the mail. Sometimes they take out the trash. Some pet sitters even stay overnight in the home with the pets, making it look like the owner is home and keeping pets company around the clock.

Pet Services Header Brunette Lady Hugging White Dog

Pet sitters develop a bond with the pets. Some sitters get to watch the pets grow up. Some assist in the training of pets. And some are there when pets cross over the rainbow bridge. Pet sitters grow incredibly close with the pets in their care and that means the sitters develop a relationship with the clients as well. Clients have the sitter’s phone numbers and emails. They know they can rely on their sitters. They put trust in them. Clients love their sitters so much, they invite them to attend special events and send birthday cards. So when you wonder what a pet sitter does, that question has multiple answers. Contact us today!

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