Are you heading out of town and wondering about the pet sitting costs in Plano? As a Plano pet owner, you’re not alone in wanting the best care for your furry friend while considering the cost. With numerous service providers and evolving technologies, it can be overwhelming to determine the best option. This guide aims to break down the factors influencing pet sitting costs in Plano and help you make an informed decision.

Our price point research is based on the most common service we offer — in-home visits. Pet sitting costs in Plano are based on how much time is spent in the home. There are other services, including live-in care (staying with your pet 24/7) or overnight care. Either of these services will increase the prices we’ve included below.


A Health Sharing Plan For Pets The Key To Affordable Pet CareWhy pay for a pet sitter when you have family and friends who love Fido as much as you do, who will do it for free? But free isn’t always what you’d hope for, in terms of the best all-around care. Some ways to get free pet care include:

  • Relatives in the local area
  • Friends who are willing to feed your dog
  • A local barter system (service for service)
  • Asking your neighbor’s child to walk and feed your pet is another option. With this “barter” system, you get free pet care, in return for letting the sitter stay at your home, rent free. But, do you really know who’s staying in your home while you’re away? That’s a factor you’ll have to weigh if you consider this free pet sitting option.

With free pet sitting, some additional factors or variables to weigh are:
  1. Level of commitment; is it a full-time job, is the sitter going to come to your home when they say they will?
  2. What if something happens, is there a backup plan in place to ensure your dog goes out for a walk and has food and water?
  3. With strangers, are they trustworthy? Did you do proper background checks to know who’s coming into your home?
  4. With family and friends can you really hold them to the highest standard? (It’s free, you have to give them a break, right?)

Free is great. But, it’s not always the best option. There’s no guarantee that your dog or cat has food and water all day. Nor is there a guarantee something won’t “come up” last minute, where your family member can’t come to the house. What do you do then? This is the primary reason people opt to pay for pet sitters. Hiring a professional pet sitter in Plano who is dedicated to pet care because it’s their regular job (full time or part-time), can provide some peace of mind.


App based technology companies are fairly new to the pet sitting industry and are an option to consider when reviewing the pet sitting cost in Plano. Typically, their prices range from $15 to $25 per visit. Sites like Rover, Wag, and now take online bookings for pet sitting and dog walking.

Basically, you visit the site, choose a time slot, and pay the fee. You can compare sitters before choosing one. They do offer insurance in case something goes wrong. These sitters are usually people doing side gigs, like college students.

When using these app based sitter services, you should still consider:
  • If the sitter is a full-time sitter, or doing a “side hustle”, as this will indicate their level of commitment to the job
  • How many pets does the sitter have under their care at one time
  • If the sitter is a pet lover, volunteers, etc…
  • What is covered through the insurance the app-based companies offer
  • If there are emergency services offered
  • The frequency at which the company/sitter will update you on your pet
  • Dishonesty bonding (what if the sitter steals your possessions, are you covered?

Even Rover advises users to arrange introductory playdates and even consider inspecting a sitter’s home before finalizing the booking. You still don’t know who’s coming into your home and what they guarantee, so find out before utilizing this mid-range sitter service.


The range for a professional sitter is typically $20 to $48 per visit. Professional pet sitting companies charge more for several reasons. For most, this is their full-time job, their livelihood and they have all of the expenses that go along with running a legitimate business. A professional company will offer GPS tracking of your pet, visit notifications, report cards with photo updates so you know how they’re doing when you’re away, and other notifications about their care.

A reputable pet sitter agency in Plano will have a system in place to ensure no pet is ever forgotten.  The best pet sitters in Plano will have backup plans for extreme weather, medical emergencies or any unexpected occurrences. They have open communication, allowing you to check in when needed and extend your service if a flight is canceled or any other unforeseen circumstance pops up.

Little white dog getting pettedEven with the professional sitter, there are several variables to consider. Are they insured? Is it a full-time staff or one-person operation? Is it the same person with my pet each visit? Are they members of professional associations and volunteer clubs? How frequently do they update me on my pet? Can I see who’s entering my home on their website and do they do background checks?

These are a few of the many questions you’ll want to ask prior to hiring a professional sitter. It’s your home, your pet, and you want to ensure both are safe and sound at all times!

  • If your trip is during a holiday/weekend, fees might be higher
  • What type of pet or how many (many charge a per pet fee)
  • If your pet is a puppy/kitten
  • If your pet needs medication a fee might be charged
  • Mileage surcharges in some regions
  • The city/locality (affluent areas may cost more)


At VIP Pet Services, we offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet your needs. We are a professional service-oriented company that prides itself on being responsive, reliable and caring. And, we have more than 20 years of industry experience to show for it.

Although our rates are above average, based on our research, our pet care is far superior than that of average companies. We’re happy to offer a customized quote, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients feel safe and secure with their pet’s care.

We also believe in being transparent with our pricing at all times.  That’s why you can view pet sitting costs in Plano right on our website.  And, be sure to give us a call, if we can answer any further questions. Don’t be surprised when we answer our phone! While pet sitting costs in Plano may not be straightforward, we’re here to help you find the best option for you and your pets.

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