What To Do?

To quote Dr. Seuss: So we sat in the house with nothing to do. We sat and we sat and we sat. We did not like it. Not one little bit.

Of course, the infamous Cat in the Hat came on a rainy day, but anyone who lives near Dallas or Austin, Texas, can attest that a hot, muggy day can cancel outdoor fun just as well.

The average highs during the summer months in Texas are typically in the high-90s °F, and heat can be hard on our furry friends.

Spending time outside playing extensively isn’t the best idea for our pets – as they can overheat quickly in the hot sun. But without outdoor playtime, they can get bored. And a bored pet can turn into a destructive pet.

So, what are some fun things to do with your pet indoors?

#1 – Let’s start with ‘Pull the Rag.’ You probably want to avoid an actual rag as it will tear and you can wind up with an enthusiastic dog jumping at your fingers!

Find a thick, clean rope and dangle it in front of your dog. Jiggle it around and scoot it away like it’s prey that will run away. When the pup picks it up, keep hold of your end of the rope for dear life. This classic game of tug-of-war is a game that dogs love!

Cat playing indoors with toy mouse while laying on floor#2 – Your sedentary cat can play their own version of tug-of-war. Pass the cat dancer in front of the cat’s nose as they lay about. Slowly drag it over the head and paws until the cat catches it. Then you can spend several minutes tugging on it while your cat hooks it with his claws and pulls it back.

#3 – Another classic is hiding a favorite treat in an unconventional spot and having your dog go fetch. A good variation for a cat is to hide the treat in a loosely covered box. Watch them as they exercise their bodies and minds as they scramble to get at their treat.

#4 – Since dogs have a good sense of smell, another fun game is to hide a human and tell the dog to find them. Choose someone your dog is very familiar with and will want to find. Your pet will love the attention and the challenge.

#5 – You don’t have to move far from your AC unit to entertain your dog. Singing with your pet, for instance, is a great way to bond without moving much. Note that we said singing ‘with’ your dog. In the wild, wolves get together for group howls – they are akin to pep rallies for them. Your dog can get in touch with his wild side by joining your own personal group howl.  For extra fun, record your singing session and post it online for your friends to see!

These are just some of the great ways to entertain your pet indoors when it is too hot to go outside.  Do you have any other fun ideas? Tell us, we’d love to hear ’em!

If you would like more ideas, contact us. Our top-notch sitters will help you out.

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