Diatomaceous Earth Dust


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Diatomaceous Earth Dust

No more toxic chemicals, sprays or drops. The DERMagic’s Diatomaceous Earth Dust is an organic and natural care for your pet. It is from food grade diatomaceous earth and is the perfect companion to the very popular organic DERMagic Shampoo Bar. The product leaves the coat and skin shining, healthy and smelling great. Diatomaceous earth products are also great against fleas and ticks.

The diatomaceous earth dust has a handy sprinkle-top and it is safe to use in the pet’s bedding, carpet, furniture and wherever your pet hangs out. You can even put it directly on your pet. The earth dust is not only safe for your dog but for your cat as well.

All DERMagic products are from the USA.


For over 60 years, diatomaceous earth has been added to feeds of pets. It is a fine white powder from crushed tiny freshwater organisms and fossils. Diatomaceous earth is an effective way to control both external and internal parasites in your pooch. This natural powder is a safe, non-toxic substance that can be deadly to any insect but completely harmless to pets. It absorbs toxic compounds as well. Therefore, diatomaceous earth is a great colon cleanser, detox solution and digestive aid.

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1 lb. Bag, 2 oz. Shaker


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