Diatomaceous Earth Shell Flour



Diatomaceous Earth Shell Flour

This jug of diatomaceous earth shell flour has 2.5lb and contains (approximately) 200 tablespoons. The jug is BPA free, it has an easy-open/ easy-close pressure seal lid and a wide-mouth opening. It is a great size for a big family and pets.

The advantages of diatomaceous earth

For over 60 years, diatomaceous earth has been added to feeds of pets. It is a fine white powder from crushed tiny freshwater organisms and fossils. Diatomaceous earth is an effective way to control both external and internal parasites in your pooch. This natural powder is a safe, non-toxic substance that can be deadly to any insect but completely harmless to pets. It absorbs toxic compounds as well. Therefore, diatomaceous earth is a great colon cleanser, detox solution and digestive aid.


  • It is 100% organic and chemical-free.
  • Cleanses the digestive system and improves health.
  • Helps remove toxins and contaminants.
  • Contains many minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and silica.
  • It not only kills ticks and other bugs but it is also a natural flea treatment.
  • It helps fight the internal parasites and worms.

To learn more about diatomaceous earth and how it benefits pets, please check out this blog post.


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