Goat Milk Soap Bar



Goat Milk Soap Bar

This unscented and natural 4oz goat milk soap bar is with diatomaceous earth for flea control and cleaning. Goat milk helps moisturize and restructure your pet’s skin. Diatomaceous earth is an ideal additive for soap because it’s an excellent natural exfoliant, and also highly absorbent. The combination of the Diatomaceous earth and the goat milk make this unique soap incredibly nourishing.

Goats milk soap with food grade diatomaceous earth is not only great for sensitive skin and skin irritations but it improves your pet’s hot spots as well. This bar uses no toxins, chemical insecticides, sulfates or other irritants that can aggravate sensitive skin.

The advantages of diatomaceous earth

For over 60 years, diatomaceous earth has been added to feeds of pets. It is a fine white powder from crushed tiny freshwater organisms and fossils. Diatomaceous earth is an effective way to control both external and internal parasites in your pooch. This natural powder is a safe, non-toxic substance that can be deadly to any insect but completely harmless to pets. It absorbs toxic compounds as well. Therefore, diatomaceous earth is a great colon cleanser, detox solution and digestive aid.


The main ingredients are food grade diatomaceous earth and goat milk. In addition, there are sodium cocoate, sodium stearate (derived from coconut oil) and sorbitol in the soap bar.