Would you like to have some fun and get some great exercise with your favorite dog in a fun, supportive environment? How about building trust and teamwork while also improving your dog’s focus?

Well then, you might want to check out the sport of Rally Obedience, usually called  Rally-O or just plain Rally.

Unlike in traditional obedience, owners are encouraged to clap their hands, pat their legs and use lots of verbal praise and encouragement while getting themselves and their dog around the course of ten to twenty stations.

The stations include common obedience activities like heeling at different speeds, right and left turns, and sitting when you stop. Other stations include activities unique to Rally, such as side stepping to the right, spirals, and even doing a figure-8 around bowls of treats!

Of course, the activities are geared toward your dog’s age, training, and experience levels. There are classes for every dog from new puppy to retired agility champion; some events even offer classes for certain special needs dogs.

Rally is an intermediate step between the AKC Canine Good Citizen program and obedience or agility. Besides having fun, Rally lets you show off what nice manners your dog has out in public and around other dogs.

Don’t think your best friend has to have a fancy pedigree or registration papers to compete in Rally, either! Even the most mixed-up of mixed breeds is welcome to become an AKC Canine Partner and Rally with the rest of them. There are other groups, such as World Cynosport Rally Limited (WCRL), who also offer a warm welcome to any dog who wants to Rally ’round!

You always knew your rescue pup was grand champion material and now he can win the rosettes and ribbons to prove it!

If you and your best buddy would like to sniff out some rally training in the Austin area, why not check out Austin Dog Sports? If you’re ready to saddle up and let ‘er buck, the event schedule page at WCRL or the AKC schedule of events will give you a heads up about Rally events coming to an arena near you.

You can also contact us whenever you need help with any of your best friends!

(image copyright the American Kennel Club)

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