About Robin

Hi, I’m Robin, have we met before?

If you live in Dallas or Austin it’s quite possible that our dogs have gotten their leashes tangled at the park. And, If you’ve spent any time around me at all, I more than likely whipped out my phone to show you the latest and greatest picture of Wishbone, my lovable dog.

In fact, pet lovers like us frequently swap photos of our dressed up fur babies (doesn’t matter if it was a holiday) and we share pics from their Facebook pages.

No shame in our pet loving game, because we care for them unapologetically. And I agree with you wholeheartedly that it’s a beautiful thing when pets and owners share a deep bond.

So, what happens when work calls, or you want to vacation where there’s a no-pet policy?

Leaving your fur baby at home is tough for both of you. I totally get that, because I’ve been right there with you.

Sending your pet to a boarding facility can be stressful, and we all know a stressed-out pet is an unhappy, unhealthy pet. It’s not uncommon for your pet to refuse food and water, developing elimination problems (diarrhea, constipation, urinary tract infection), engaging in bad habits (chewing himself, destroying bedding), and a whole slew of other problems.

Your pet deserves to be taken care of as if you’re there.

Because the truth is when you know you’re pet is happy you can fully enjoy your vacation, or focus on the task at hand if you’re on the road for work. Relief!

 How did my pet loving life begin?

The first question that usually comes to mind is: why did I choose to bring VIP Pet Services to both Austin and Dallas? Austin is my home, I spent my childhood and young adult years in the Austin area. Growing up there my family didn’t call me Ellie Mae Clampett for nothing. You can bet I brought home every animal under the rainbow (kittens, tadpoles, lizards, snakes, and frogs) just about drove my Mom crazy.

After I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, Hook ‘em Horns!, I moved to Dallas to pursue a career. My unlikely journey to pet sitting and pet care started after working in marketing for 12 years in Dallas. After burning myself out in the dot com world, the company I worked for closed its doors, and I was ready for a change.

While trying to figure out my next big move, a friend suggested that I pet sit to make ends meet. I fell deep and hard in love with being an entrepreneur, and caring for pets and pet care always came naturally to me.

Now when people ask me how it all started, I like to tell them it was the idea of my first born, Dog Vader’s dream. Not all humans take career advice from a canine. But, then, not all companies boast a (fictitious) board of directors comprised of four-legged friends.

Every animal has a voice at VIP Pet Services. Elvis, the hamster, represents our minority population of rodents and reptiles. It’s this steady and careful direction that has allowed VIP Pet Services to go from a one-woman relief sitter to a multi-city, in-home professional pet sitting brigade that was won numerous awards including “Best in Dallas” by D Magazine and Angie’s List Super Service Award.

Seriously though I listened to my gut, and my mutt (who is not a fan of boarding), and left a lucrative career in marketing communications to make Dog Vader’s dream a reality. I opened Very Important Pets, LLC, a full service pet sitting, dog walking and animal wellness company created for today’s busy pet owners.

Now, more than 91 “dog years” after VIP began, I continue to live my, and Vader’s, dream of spreading love while giving furry babies the attention they deserve. So it’s with a sense of humor, and honor, that VIP’s pet sitters and dog walkers take on the job of spoiling pets across Texas.

Some Fun Nuggets

My favorite way to sweat is group fitness. I love working out with my friends or my dog. Did you know you can do boot camp and yoga with your dog? Doga (dog yoga) at the park is the best.

I’m (not so secretly) a huge proponent of animal rescue and the no-kill movement, Dallas and Austin Pet’s Alive. I hope someday we can eliminate euthanizing homeless animals.

I love being outdoors and connect with nature every chance I get. I’m an avid gardener and consider my backyard a sanctuary.

My favorite indulgence is travel. I have visited 46 countries and hope to hit 100 someday with the World Century Club. A few places that are currently on my bucket list: Bali, Australia, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands.

Most people don’t know that I am an advanced level martial artist. I’ve practiced Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, San Soo, Arnis and even studied Taekwondo under a grand master while I was in Korea (very interesting experience).

My biggest weakness is all things chocolate— there’s no such thing as a dessert that’s too rich.

Living it up means being a free spirit, traveling around wherever the wind takes me, meeting interesting people, sharing memorable moments and, of course, snuggling with my dog!

Professional Bio

As a nationally published author, Robin Perdue has been the fearless leader of the locally owned VIP Pet Services brigade for more than 13 years. The award-winning animal wellness company believes that pet parents deserve to have their loved ones taken care of as if they’re there when they must be away from home.

VIP Pet Services offers in-home pet care solutions to busy pet owners throughout the Dallas and Austin metropolitan areas. As an active member of the community, Robin has been featured as “Best of Dallas” by “D” Magazine; “Best of Carrollton” 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; “Best Pet Sitter” on WFAA TV’s A-List 2009 and 2010; DFW’s Ultimate Best by Pegasus News 2010; Kudzu’s Best of 2012; and Angie’s List Super Service Award 2012 and 2013.

Robin’s high touch pet care services paired with her penchant for using technology allows VIP pet sitters to give animals the attention they deserve while keeping owners updated every step of the way.