Russell Lear & Henri

Any pet(s) you currently own or have owned in the past (all types!).

I currently have 2 adorable rescue dogs – Mason  and Lane. Mason is a Schnorkie (Schnauzer Yorkie mix) we think about 8 years old. He had a particularly hard early life – being abandoned 3 times and escaping an abusive owner too until he found his forever home with us 6 years ago. He loves to chill in his bed or on the cool tiled floors, go for walks and eat (and eat some more!). Lane is a Shorkie (Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix) and is 5. We have had her since she was a 6 month old puppy and was running the house about 10 minutes after bringing her home…. She bosses everyone about!

Your most memorable time with a pet you’ve owned or taken care of.

Shorki loves to play ball and swim and her favorite game is racing me to the ball in the pool – she would give Michael Phelps a run for his money!

Why you became a pet sitter/dog walker!

I have always wanted to work with animals but my job has often got in the way. Now I have my own travel business I can schedule around working as a dog walker / pet sitter too!

Why do you love working with animals & how long have you worked with them?

In the past before I moved to the US from England I worked with the RSPCA fostering cats and dogs before they were rehomed. I adore all animals and think we humans can learn so much from them in how we approach every day with love and enthusiasm!

All different types of pets you’ve worked with.

I’ve also had Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell and Miniature Schnauzers, cats, bunnies and my first pet was a tortoise!

What you think your pet(s) would say about you!!

If my dogs could talk…. They would probably say:

Mason – Can I have another treat?

Lane – Let’s play ball!

And we love you!!!

Russell is a great addition to our Carrollton dog walkers!  He has a genuine love of animals and has volunteered for the RSPCA (in the UK) before moving to the US and here he has fostered dogs & cats & vetted homes to send them to.

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