Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service in Allen, TX

pet sitting & dog walking service allen,txYou’re a pet owner who loves your four-legged friend. You know that your furry pal requires near-constant attention and trips outdoors for a long walk. They need love and attention. Unfortunately, life can take an unexpected turn. You don’t have the time you thought. VIP Pet Services can help out. We provide pet sitting and dog walking services in Allen, TX, for just this reason.

Professional Dog Walking Services

A daily walk is crucial to your pet’s well-being and health. Getting out into the sun to play and walk around the neighborhood can provide your pup with a better mindset. They’ll be more tired in the evening, so they’ll sleep through the night.

Best Pet Sitting Services

When you’re unable to be at home with your pet, VIP Pet Services can step in. We offer in-home pet sitting services for when life takes you far from home. In doing so, we can work together to avoid your pet feeling lonely, sick, or destructive while alone.

Puppy Services

Bringing a new puppy home is a thrill. It’s also a lot of work. If the kids won’t help, then let VIP Pet Services step into the picture. We love working with new puppies who are just learning to explore the world. Our puppy services in Allen, TX, ensure your pup has a fun walk and is well-cared for daily.

Poop Scooping Services

Pets can be messy and over time, your yard will likely be covered in pet waste. It can cause the grass to die and lead to illness. Our poop scooping services ensure your landscape is disinfected, clean, and ready for use once more.

Litter Box Services

Litter boxes must be thoroughly cleaned often for a cat to remain satisfied with using the bathroom. If not, you risk messes all over the house. Our litter box services remove the burden from you, ensuring your cat is a place to go each day.

Schedule affordable pet sitting and dog walking services in Allen, TX, with VIP Pet Services. Give us a call at 972-416-0861!

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