Flower Mound is SO pet-friendly!

Flower Mound was designed to include our four-legged best friends wherever it can, with 4 properties, over 15 restaurants that are all pet-friendly! With over 5 acres of dedicated parkland, Flower Mound pet owners can relax and enjoy Hound Mound Dog Park and 26 more nearby. Dogs can enjoy ample green space that has plenty of shade, water stops, and dedicated areas for big and small dogs!

The dog-friendly facilities don’t just stop there. Flower Mound’’s calendar is actually jam-packed with dog-friendly activities and functions every month of the year, with outdoor swims, dog-grooming events, and social activities for all our four-legged friends.

Flower Mound is definitely a city that knows how important our pets are. That’s why when they designed this city, they included special features that would make pet-owners feel safe and comfortable to go out and enjoy the city!

Best Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service in Flower Mound, TX

pet sitters dog walkers mckinneyYou’re a pet owner with a lot of responsibilities on your plate., so you might be having trouble finding the time necessary to walk your beloved dog each day. That’s okay. It happens to the best of us. Here at VIP Pet Services, we built our business around helping busy pet owners. Every day we provide pet sitting and dog walking services in Flower Mound, TX.

Professional Dog Walking Services

Your best friend needs to get outdoors each day. That’s a hefty requirement. If you’re having trouble putting on their leash and walking around the neighborhood every night, then you’re in luck. VIP offers professional dog walking services that promote good health and provide an outlet for all that energy.

Best Pet Sitting Services

When you need to leave your home for a business trip or family event, consider hiring expert pet sitting services in Flower Mound, TX. VIP Pet Services offers in-home pet sitting for total convenience. We ensure your pet has food and water each day, goes for a walk on-time, and isn’t lonely or destructive while you’re gone.

Puppy Services

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a thrilling adventure. He’s full of energy and joy, exploring every corner of the house with a thoroughness you’ve never seen before. But then work and other obligations call. You need to step away. Your puppy needs constant attention at this point, though, which is why VIP Pet Services’ puppy services are geared towards providing just that and more.

Poop Scooping Services

After a while, you’ll notice your yard is becoming a breeding ground for flies. A pet can be quite messy at times. Our poop scooping services will double bag all pet waste, disinfect the area, and ensure the entire mess is thoroughly cleaned and disposed of regularly.

Litter Box Services

Most cats refuse to use a dirty litter box. When you’re too busy to clean or change the litter, call VIP Pet Services. We offer daily litter box services that provide a clean, refreshing litter box for your pet.

Be sure to call VIP Pet Services for a helping hand with your four-legged friends. You can reach us at 972-416-0861!

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