McKinney is SO pet-friendly!

McKinney was designed to include our four-legged best friends wherever it can, with 8 hotels, 33 restaurants that are all pet-friendly! With over 2 acres of dedicated parkland, McKinney pet owners can relax and enjoy Bonnie Wenk Dog Park. Dogs can enjoy ample green space that has plenty of shade, water stops, and dedicated areas for big and small dogs!

The dog-friendly facilities don’t just stop there. McKinney’’s calendar is actually jam-packed with dog-friendly activities and functions every month of the year, with outdoor swims, dog-grooming events, and social activities for all our four-legged friends.

McKinney is definitely a city that knows how important our pets are. That’s why when they designed this city, they included special features that would make pet-owners feel safe and comfortable to go out and enjoy the city!

#1 Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service in McKinney, TX

dog-3071334_1280Bringing a pet into your home is a lot of responsibility, and sometimes you may find yourself busier than expected. With less time for walking the dog or cleaning the litter box, you’ll need a helping hand. VIP Pet Services aims to be that helping hand. We offer pet sitting and dog walking services in McKinney, TX, year-round!

Professional Dog Walking Services in McKinney, TX

Your dog needs time in the great outdoors each day. Some time spent in the sun, walking about the park, and going for a little jog can make a huge difference in their well-being. Here at VIP Pet Services, we work with you to develop a dog walking schedule that benefits your four-legged friend.

Best Pet Sitting Services

When you need to leave town, leaving behind your pet can be a dreadful experience. You can only think of how lonely they will be, the mess they will make, or who will take care of their food and water. VIP Pet Services is the answer. We provide exceptional pet sitting services in McKinney, TX.

Puppy Services

Enjoying the love and attention of a brand-new puppy is a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, work and social obligations may call you away. You don’t have the time necessary to fully train or care for your puppy each day, but you don’t want to ignore them either. VIP Pet Services offers puppy services for when you need a helping hand.

Poop Scooping Services

When you schedule poop scooping services, our team will arrive each week to scoop and bag all pet waste in your yard. We spray disinfectant, double bag everything, and dispose of the poop in the garbage. You’ll have a clean, healthy yard in no time.

Litter Box Services

Cleaning a litter box is a messy endeavor, but it must be done regularly. If you find yourself without the time or energy, call VIP Pet Services. We offer unbeatable litter box services aimed at keeping your cat clean, healthy, and happy.

Schedule exceptional pet services in McKinney, TX, with VIP Pet Services. You can reach us year-round at 972-416-0861!

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