Richardson is SO pet-friendly!

Richardson was designed to include our four-legged best friends wherever it can, with 28 properties, nearly 40 restaurants that are all pet-friendly! With over 6 acres of dedicated parkland, Richardson pet owners can relax and enjoy Bush Central Barkway. Dogs can enjoy ample green space that has plenty of shade, water stops, and dedicated areas for big and small dogs!

The dog-friendly facilities don’t just stop there. Richardson’’s calendar is actually jam-packed with dog-friendly activities and functions every month of the year, with outdoor swims, dog-grooming events, and social activities for all our four-legged friends.

Richardson is definitely a city that knows how important our pets are. That’s why when they designed this city, they included special features that would make pet-owners feel safe and comfortable to go out and enjoy the city!

Local Pet Sitting & Dog Walkers Richardson, TX

Sitting & Dog Walkers RichardsonDo you find it difficult to balance your workload with your pet? If so, we fully understand. At times, life can become overwhelmingly busy and chaotic. That’s why, here at VIP Pet Services, we aim to provide the best pet sitting and dog walking services in Richardson, TX. We feel that you deserve a break. You deserve a happy, healthy puppy and a team who cares.

Professional Dog Walking Services

Your dog needs to get outdoors, into the sunshine and fresh air, at least once per day. Do you have the time? Unfortunately, many of us don’t. If you’re busy with work, life, and familial obligations, then give us a call. We proudly offer expert dog walking services in Richardson, TX. You’ll find that, after a long walk, your dog is happier and healthier!

Best Pet Sitting Services

When you can’t be home with your beloved pup, someone should be. At VIP Pet Services, we offer in-home pet sitting services to ease the anxiety of being alone. Our routine includes feeding, snuggles, playtime, walks, and clean-up to ensure your pet doesn’t succumb to anxiety or fear.

Puppy Services

Whether you’re bringing a puppy home for the first time or trying to juggle with a new litter, you may need some help. There’s nothing wrong with admitting it. At VIP Pet Services, our puppy services aim to provide comfort, exercise, and daily walks in a safe area for a new, energetic puppy in your home.

Poop Scooping Services

Over time, your yard is bound to be covered in dog poop. It’s just a fact of living with a pet. But both you and your pet need a clean environment. As such, we offer top poop scooping services that ensure a healthy yard and home. We double bag all waste, sanitize the area, and dispose of the mess accordingly.

Litter Box Services

Often, cats will not use a dirty litter box. They will find a corner somewhere. To avoid this unexpected surprise, VIP Pet Services offers litter box services. We will come as often as you need to clean the litter box, dispose of waste, and sanitize the area for future use.

For expert pet services in Richardson, TX, including pet sitting and dog walking, call VIP Pet Services. You can reach us at 972-416-0861!

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