Professional Dog Walking Services in Dallas & Austin, TX

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Dog Walking

Dog Walk 20 | $25.88 + $1.50 per additional pet
Dog Walk 30 | $27.88 + $1.50 per additional pet
Dog Walk 45 | $37.88 + $1.50 per additional pet
Dog Walk 60 | $47.88 + $1.50 per additional pet

When life gets busy, we’re here to help.

Our trained professional dog walkers make sure your pet gets exercise, fresh air and a chance to take care of their business! We offer 20 to 60 min walks based on your dog’s needs!

Each visit includes fresh water, treats, and lots of TLC. We don’t do group walks so your dog will get our undivided attention. And, you can track your pup’s route using our GPS map!

If pets are walked separately, there will be an additional $5 charge.

Recurring Dog Walks

Weekly recurring services are offered at a discounted rate! We schedule on a weekly basis and conveniently charge each Friday.

Ideal for clients who travel regularly, work long hours or just don’t have the time/ability to walk their dog.

Dog Walk 30

(30 minute walk)

5+ x a week  = $25.88 per visit
3-4 x a week  = $26.88 per visit

Dog Walk 45

(45 minute walk)

5+ x a week  = $35.88 per visit
3-4 x a week  = $36.88 per visit

Dog Walk 60

(60 minute walk)

5+ x a week  = $45.88 per visit
3-4 x a week  = $44.88 per visit

On Demand Dog Walks

$10 surcharge

Last minute care for last minute plans!
Give us a call and we’ll get a dog walker to your home to care for your pet.

VIP’s On Demand Services are available to clients with a lock box or keyless entry on property between the hours 8AM-7PM daily for a $10 surcharge.

Doggy Logs!

GPS Tracked and Updates

We always GPS track our walks and share a map so you can see where we went, how far, and how fast. Depending upon where you live, we will walk through the neighborhood, the greenbelt, or hike and bike trails. We also send a report with pictures and / or videos so you can rest assured your pup had a fun adventure with us!

More Details About Our Dog Walking Services

Multiple Dog Households

Meet and Greet

The first step in building a relationship with you and your pet begins with a Meet and Greet. A dog walker will come out to meet your pets personally and become familiar with your home. They will pick up keys, go over your customized pet care profile and answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity for the dog walker to bond with your pet, get to know their unique personality and the care they need to thrive.

Multiple Dog Households

Multiple Dog Households

All dog walk prices are based on 1 dog per walk. We charge $1.50 per additional dog on the same walk and $5 for additional walks if families with multiple dogs need to be walked separately.

Other Surcharges

Other Surcharges

On demand services | $10.00
Service request less than 24 hours

After hours | $10.00
Requested service before 7:00 am or after 8:30 pm

Last minute cancellation | Charge equal to the first visit
Less than 24 hours’ notice

Extensive clean ups | $10.00
A mess that requires the sitter to stay longer than the visit time to complete

Convenience fee | $10.00
Situations that require the sitter to take extra time or wait on someone to gain access to the client’s home