VIP Litter Box Services

Litter Box ServicesKeeping your cat’s litter box clean can really be a burden.

It not only requires your time and energy, it is smelly and unsanitary. And to make matters worse, your cat can be unruly if you fall behind on the job… going just outside the box or leaving you a little “gift” in a very undesirable place.

To keep your cat healthy and happy and your home odor free, you really should scoop the box daily and completely dump, clean and sanitize the box at least once a week.

But that’s a lot of effort.

VIP Pet Services offers two types of litter box services to help relieve the burden:

Week day scoop – we’ll stop by daily (Monday-Friday), or as needed, to scoop your box and sweep up the litter in the outlying area — $20per visit/$5 per additional box.

Weekly dump and clean – We’ll dump out the litter, clean, sanitize and refill the box with fresh litter — $30 per visit/$5 per additional box (you provide the supplies).