Pet Sitting Services

Initial Consultation/Play Date

The first step in building a relationship with you and your pet begins with an initial consultation/play date. A pet sitter will come out to meet your pets personally and become familiar with your home. They will pick up keys, go over your customized pet care profile and answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity for the pet sitter to bond with your pet, get to know their unique personality and the care they need to thrive.

Drop-in Service

Perfect for when your pet just needs a little attention. We’re happy to stop by for a quick check-in or potty break. We’ll top off water, give them a treat, close/open doggy doors, offer a quick belly rub, a kiss good night, or a morning wakeup call and be on our way. This is a 20-minute visit and must be performed during regular pet sitting hours (7 am – 8:30 pm — does not include a walk).

Ideal for:

  • Quickie potty breaks
  • Fish, reptiles or other caged pets
  • Evening “tuck in” visits
  • House check as a crime deterrent, no plants

Standard Service

We cover all the essential things your pet needs: food, water, treats, short walk, scoop the litter box, clean up any messes and lots of TLC. This service covers all the bases for healthy pets that have an ordinary low-maintenance care routine. (20 and 30 minute visits available)

Ideal for:

  • Dog and/or cat visits while traveling
  • Establishing an exercise program for your pet
  • House checks with plants to water
  • Households with 4 or less pets

*Standard Visits will be converted to Premium Visits if you have more than 4 pets or special needs pets that require more time and attention.

Premium Service

Great for pets that need a little extra TLC. We’ll perform all the essentials listed in our standard service and then add lots of extras: this can include an extra-long walk or play time, extensive clean up, administering meds or injections, multiple pet care (up to 6 pets), bedding washed, litter boxes dumped and refreshed, small animal cages cleaned. You name it, we are happy to do it. (45 and 60 minute visits available)

Ideal for:

  • Multiple pet households
  • Dogs that need to be walked separately
  • Longer midday walks for sporting breeds
  • Extensive house plants or potted plants outdoors that need watering

Elite Service

A great choice for a pet that needs extra time and attention. Your VIP pro is happy to sit with your elderly, puppy or special needs pet, similar to a baby sitter. We can provide med services, clean up and additional love and care by the hour when needed so that your baby doesn’t have to be home alone. (customized service/call for quote)

VIP Pet Services takes the role seriously, and we treat each pet as if they were our own.

Ideal for:

  • Convalescent care
  • Puppy care
  • Geriatric care
  • Hotel pet sitting
  • Separation anxiety
  • Other special needs
  • Dogs that need to be walked separately (multiple dog walks)
  • Longer walks for active/sporting breeds
  • Extensive house plants or potted plants outdoors that need watering

Puppy Visits

Puppies require a lot of time and energy in the early stages of their life. These visits are perfect for keeping your puppy safe and happy while you’re away. Puppy visits include feeding, refreshing water (puppies tend to spill it) potty breaks, cleaning up messes, cleaning up the pup when he messes on himself, replenishing puppy pads, social interaction, play time (inside until puppy shots are completed) and lots of TLC. $27.50 per visit, plus $1 per additional pup (bundled rate $25 per visit)

Cat Visits

We will ensure your beloved cat is clean, well-fed, watered regularly, and happy in their environment. We don’t mind the occasional hairball that gets hacked up or the litter that was tossed outside of the box. We will gladly clean up any messes that occur. We also feed, water, scoop litter boxes, brush, play, pet, and ensure your favorite felines feel at ease and loved in their home.

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