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Our Dallas and Austin Area Pet Sitting Services

Drop-in Pet Sitting Service

$26.88 + $1.50 per additional pet

Ideal for…

  • Quickie potty breaks
  • Evening “tuck in” visits
  • Fish, reptiles or other caged pets
  • House check as a crime deterrent (no plants)
  • Outside pets

Standard Pet Sitting Service

Standard 30 | $29.88 + $1.50 per additional pet

Twenty to thirty-minute visits to cover all the essentials: food, water, treats, walk, poop/litter scoop, and lots of TLC.

Ideal for…

  • House checks with plants to water
  • Dog and/or cat visits while traveling

*Standard Visits will be converted to Premium Visits if you have more than 4 pets or special needs pets that require more time and attention.*

Premium Pet Sitting Service

Premium 45 | $39.88 + $1.50 per additional pet
Premium 60 | $49.88 + $1.50 per additional pet

Forty-five to sixty minute visits with all the essentials plus a lot of extras. You name it, we are happy to do it.

Ideal for…

  • Multiple pet households
  • Dogs that need to be walked separately
  • Longer midday walks for sporting breeds
  • Many houseplants or potted plants outdoors that need watering

Elite Pet Sitting Service

Contact for pricing

Custom services for pets that need extra time and attention. We can provide med services, clean up and additional love and care by the hour.

Ideal for…

  • Puppy care
  • Geriatric care
  • Hotel pet sitting
  • Separation anxiety
  • Convalescent care
  • Wedding attendant
  • Other special needs
  • Dogs that need to be walked separately (multiple dog walks)

Puppy Visits

$27.50 per visit, plus $1 per additional pup (bundled rate $26 per visit).

Keep your puppy safe and happy while you’re away with food, water, potty breaks, cleaning up messes, potty breaks, social interaction, play time (inside until puppy shots are completed) and lots of TLC.

Cat Visits

Shy Kitty Visit | $26.88 + $1.50 per additional pet

For your shy and timid kitty who tends to hide. We will ensure your beloved cat is clean, well-fed, watered regularly, and happy in their environment. We feed, water, scoop litter boxes and ensure they feel at ease and loved in their home. 

  • Includes up to 2 litter boxes, $5 per box for additional ones.

*Standard Visits will be converted to Premium Visits if you have more than 4 pets or special needs pets that require more time and attention.

(Contact office for booking this service)

More Details About Our Pet Sitting Services

Initial Consultation/Play Date

Meet and Greet


The first step in building a relationship with you and your pet begins with a Meet and Greet. A pet sitter will come out to meet your pets personally and become familiar with your home. They will pick up keys, go over your customized pet care profile and answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity for the pet sitter to bond with your pet, get to know their unique personality and the care they need to thrive.

Holiday Surcharges

Holiday Surcharges

Holidays are our busiest times of the year. We compensate our pet sitters a little more during these times for putting in the extra effort. This extra compensation helps to motivate sitters to stay in town and care for your pets during the holidays and forego their family time. A $18 holiday charge is assessed for each of the following days:


  • Easter Weekend: March 29-31
  • Memorial Weekend: May 24-27 
  • July 4th: July 3rd – 7th 
  • Labor Day Weekend: Aug 30-Sept 2 
  • Thanksgiving 2024: Nov 27-Dec 1
  • Christmas/ New Years 2024: Dec 20-Jan 1st, 2025
Other Surcharges

Other Surcharges

After hours | $10.00
Requested service before 7:00 am or after 8:30 pm

Last minute booking fee | $10.00

Less than 24 hours notice

Last minute cancellations | Charge equal to the first visit

Less than 24 hours notice

Holiday cancellations
Click here to review our policies and procedures

Extensive clean ups | $15.00
A mess that requires the sitter to stay longer than the visit time to complete

Convenience fee | $10.00
Situations that require the sitter to take extra time or wait on someone to gain access to the client’s home