Pet Sitting Promotes Peace of Mind

Pet Sitting ServicesWhen you can’t be home with your pet, an in-home pet sitting service can be a great alternative. The most significant advantage to scheduling pet sitting is obvious – your beloved pet’s state of mind. A lonely, stressed pet is unhappy and unhealthy. Your dog or cat may refuse to eat or drink, develop bowel troubles, and engage in bad habits. In-house pet sitting is the solution.

Being left alone or in an unfamiliar location can cause your pet to panic. Their basic activities, including eating and sleeping, may be disrupted by the discomfort. A professional, in-home pet sitting service, like what you will find here at VIP Pet Services, ensures that your dog or cat is mentally, emotionally, and physically well off for the time you are away!

Having it Their Way

Dogs, cats, and most other household pets have a set routine. Any disruption to that routine can lead to behavioral issues and feelings of loneliness. Routines must be maintained – especially for feeding, sleeping, and treats. Ideally, you would always be available to provide the right number of treats and belly rubs. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Life can take you away from your home for a considerable amount of time. It pays to have a professional pet sitter who knows the routine – where the treats are kept and when to reward behavior.

Our in-home services allow your pet you to stick to their simple routine and remain focused on enjoying life to its fullest!

A Nose by Any Other Name…

Animals are often territorial. Their keen sense of smell is the primary method they retain control over their environment. Allowing a pet outdoors for stimulation and to relieve themselves is simple. However, allowing a pet to do their business in the comfort of their own backyard, at home, is much less disruptive. It is a known environment. A place where they have control. Your beloved pet should not be forced to establish new territory at a boarding facility or shelter. In-home pet sitting ensures your dog, cat, or other pet remains comfortable at home.

Priceless Peace and (Relative) Quiet

Dogs tend to bark. It is how they speak, react, and warn others of danger. Now, imagine pairing your best friend with a handful of other dogs in a boarding facility. The noise alone can be overwhelming to most pets. They do not deserve such treatment.

Avoid an anxiety attack in your pet by avoiding boarding facilities. At home, your pet enjoys less stress, less anxiety, and can enjoy the peace and quiet their everyday environment provides.

Reliability, Responsibility and Commitment

A professional pet sitter is just thata professional. Our primary job is to care for you pet in the same manner you would. Spending time with and taking care of your pet is in no way an inconvenience. We take immense pride in our work and thoroughly enjoy every minute. We are committed to providing individual attention and affection to your pet while you are away.

VIP Pet Services takes the role seriously, and we treat each pet as if they were our own.

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