Pet Poop: A Pollution Problem

Poop ScoopingEveryone knows that pet poop is icky, gross and yucky! But, did you know pet waste contains disease-containing bacteria and viruses that are harmful to other pets and humans? Left in your yard, runoff from the waste carries these pollutants into our creeks and streams, and eventually, our water supply.

You can avoid contributing to the pet waste hazard simply by picking up your pet’s waste, or better yet, hiring VIP Pet Services to do it for you!

VIP offers Poop Scooping services on a one-time basis or at discounted pricing with a weekly commitment. The number of donor pets contributing to your waste pickup needs and your yard size determines the price.

What We Do

During each visit, we carefully police your back yard, scooping and bagging all pet waste. We will spray a disinfectant, double bag it and leave it in your trash bin; or we will take the poop with us and dispose of it for a $3.00 fee.

Weekly Poop Scooping Rates
Most clients need only one visit per week. We come by your house on the same day each week (determined by the location of your house). We recommend twice per week service for customers with exceptionally small yards and lots of waste, or those who simply prefer their yard be extra clean.

These rates apply for those clients who commit to at least once per week Poop Scooping Services:

Standard Yard:

Weekly: $17.95 up to 2 pets per backyard per visit for one dog plus $3.00 for each additional dog

Bi-Weekly: $21.90 up to 2 pets

Standard yard is 1/2 acre or less. We reserve the right to charge an additional $5 per yard for a large yard or $10 per yard for an extra large yard. We charge an additional $5.00 per week to scoop both the front and back yards.

First Visit
First visit charges vary based on number of dogs, the yard size, and your yard’s pet-waste accumulation. An initial $45 fee may be charged if warranted, after which time we will charge the normal weekly rate.

Call Ahead Service

If you request, we will give advance notice of our arrival in order that you unlock your gate and secure your pets. While 5-10 minutes is the standard notice, we will negotiate an amount of time that works best for you.

We charge $1.00 per week for Call Ahead Service.

Puppy Program

It’s our goal to leave your yard as clean as possible, and scooping up after a new litter of puppies takes added time and effort.

We charge an additional $10.00 per visit until the dogs are 12 weeks old, at which time, the remaining puppies will be added as extra dogs ($3.00 per week each).

One-Time Scoops

The number of dogs determines prices for One-Time Scoops. Payment is expected on the day of service

1 dog = $45 | 2 dogs = $55 | 3 dogs = $65 | 4 dogs = $75 | 5 dogs = $85 etc.


We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Your charges will be billed on a monthly rate on or around the 5th of that month.

We will do our best to clean your yard, but can not guarantee our service under these circumstances:

  • Muddy Areas
  • Tall grass, weeds, excessive leaves or other ground cover
  • Beds, bushes or small trees
  • Wet, loose stool caused by sprinklers, rain or illness
  • Gravel or Rock areas
  • Wild animal droppings

If we arrive and your gate is locked, you will still be charged for the service.