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Rates Care SolutionsYour pet is a part of your family. And every pet, like every person, has its own unique preferences, needs and habits.

We get that. We are VIP Pet Services – an award-winning leader in the pet care industry for more than 12 years. We have a passion for pets that embraces all the little ways that makes yours different. Funny. Affirming. Quirky. Loving. Playful.

I love that Missy asked if I wanted daily updates. I never expected that they would come with pictures. This is the best pet sitting business I have ever hired. Have recommended you to anyone that is in need of a pet sitter. I have another trip planned this summer and will definitely call you again.
– Janie

From the moment we are introduced, we offer personalized attention with impeccable follow up. You can rest assured that while you are away your pet is in good hands. Our goal is to design a services experience that uniquely addresses your family’s needs. From detailed service notes to text messaging updates, emails and phone calls – our professional staff will keep you informed and worry-free every step of the way.

VIP Pet Services offers a wide array of personal pet care solutions. We begin with a registration visit/play date where we go over each and every detail of your pet’s care.

From the initial meeting we strive to earn your pet’s love, trust and confidence so that we can foster a nurturing relationship with them, allowing your pet to receive the high quality of care and love that they deserve.

Whether it’s overnight stays, pet sitting, dog walking, or in-home boarding, each solution is tailored specifically to your pet.

Please contact the office today so that we may customize a pet care package for you.

I love the ease of scheduling an appointment. Also love the consistency of the pet sitter – I like the security of knowing Trudy will take care of the pups with minimal instructions as we have an established relationship.
– Luis

An Overview of Pet Care Services


Registration Visit/Play Date

The first step in building a relationship with you and your pet begins with a registration visit/play date. A pet sitter will come out to meet your pets personally and become familiar with your home. They will pick up keys, go over your customized pet care profile and answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity for the pet sitter to bond with your pet, get to know their unique personality and the care they need to thrive.

Required visit.
$28 one-time fee

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Drop-in Service

Perfect for when your pet just needs a little attention. We’re happy to stop by for a quick check-in or potty break. We’ll top off water, give them a treat, close/open doggy doors, offer a quick belly rub, a kiss good night or a wake up call and be on our way. Must be performed during regular pet sitting hours (7 am – 8:30 pm — does not include a walk).

$21.80 per visit + $1 per additional pet

Ideal for:
• Quickie potty breaks
• Shy or unsociable kitty visits
• Fish, reptiles or other caged pets
• Evening “tuck in” visits
• House check as a crime deterrent, no plants

Standard Service*

We cover all the essential things your pet needs: food, water, treats, short walk, scoop the litter box, clean up any messes and lots of TLC. This service covers all the bases for healthy pets that have an ordinary low-maintenance care routine.
$25.80 per visit + $1 per additional pet

Ideal for:
• Dog and/or cat visits while traveling
• Establishing an exercise program for your pet
• House checks with plants to water

*Standard Visits will be converted to Premium Visits if you have more than 4 pets or special needs pets that require more time and attention.

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Premium Service

Great for pets that need a little extra TLC. We’ll perform all the essentials listed in our standard service and then add lots of extras: this can include an extra-long walk or play time, extensive clean up, administering meds or injections, multiple pet care (4-6 pets), bedding washed, litter boxes dumped and refreshed, small animal cages cleaned. You name it, we are happy to do it.
$32.00 per visit + $1 per additional pet

Ideal for:
• Multiple pet households
• Dogs that need to be walked separately
• Longer midday walks for sporting breeds
• Extensive house plants or potted plants outdoors that need watering

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Recurring Weekly Service

Do you need pet care on a more regular basis? Never fear, VIP is here. We offer discounted rates for our clients who need us more frequently. Services will be booked on an ongoing basis and conveniently charged on the 1st and 15th of each month. Our weekly service is perfect for clients who travel regularly, work long hours or just don’t have the time/ability to walk their dog. Must be scheduled at least 4X a week; same day, same time.
$22.50 per visit for Standard Weekly/$29.50 per visit for Premium Weekly + $1 per additional pet

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Hourly Services

A great choice for a pet that needs extra time and attention. Your VIP pro is happy to sit with your elderly, puppy or special needs pet, similar to a baby sitter. We can provide med services, clean up and additional love and care by the hour when needed so that your baby doesn’t have to be home alone.
$42.00 per hour + $1 per additional pet

Ideal for:
• Convalescent care
• Puppy care
• Geriatric care
• Hotel pet sitting
• Separation anxiety
• Other special needs
• Dogs that need to be walked separately (multiple dog walks)
• Longer walks for active/sporting breeds
• Extensive house plants or potted plants outdoors that need watering

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We love VIP pets. Love having someone we can trust to come take care of our dogs so they can stay comfortable at home instead of caged up at the kennel. It’s great getting text or picture updates of each visit to reassure us that they are happy and doing well until we get home.
– Jacqueline

Overnight Services

Does your pet love a good sleepover? Then the overnight service is a perfect match. We love to cuddle up on the couch with your pet and watch his favorite TV show. Animal Planet? Perfect! Does your pet hog the covers or the bed? No problem! We will give them undivided attention and do our best to keep them in their regular routine, while ensuring all their personal needs are taken care of.
$95 per night/9 hours + if schedule allows 9-9:30 PM to 6-6:30 AM ($5 per additional dog)

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Pet Camp

Is your dog a social creature that is more accustomed to interaction throughout the day? Does he love to snuggle with humans and/or play with other dogs? If you answered yes, he will love Pet Camp. Your pet will stay in the home of a pet-loving family, with free run of the house and a fenced back yard where he can run and play. We do our best to keep them in their normal routine by adhering to their regular feeding schedule and daily walks as specified. Just bring his bed, food and favorite toy and we will take it from there.
$65 per night ($20 each per additional pet)

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Pet Taxi and Errands

Grooming appointments; canine massage therapy; a trip to and from the vet, day care, the airport; you name it. We’ll pick your pets up and/or drop them off safely. No need to rush from work or take the day off. If your pet needs a little moral support or comfort during these visits, we’re happy to lend support there as well. We’ll gladly sit with them and hold their paw through it all.
$30 per 30 minutes/ 30 minute minimum, then 10 minute increments

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Holiday Visits

Holidays are our busiest times of the year. We compensate our pet sitters a little more during these times for putting in the extra effort. This extra compensation helps to motivate sitters to stay in town and care for your pets during the holidays and forego their vacation to another “off-peak” time. A $10 holiday charge is assessed for each of the following days:

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

**Gratuity – is always appreciated and 100% of any tips goes directly to the pet care provider. Our professional pet care providers are passionate, reliable and love to care for your pet.

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I am beyond pleased with the service we have received from Karen. As hard as it has been to leave our aging dog behind when we go on vacation, we have always been able to count on Karen keeping her happy and well cared for.
– Beena

VIP Puppy Packages

For young puppies (8-12 weeks) we recommend 2 visits a day (mid-morning and afternoon) that include feeding, refreshing water (puppies tend to spill it) potty break, cleaning up messes, replenishing puppy pads, social interaction, play time (inside until puppy shots are completed) — $250 a week; includes up to 10 visits per week.

For older puppies we recommend 1 midday visit that includes feeding, refreshing water, potty break, cleaning up messes, replenishing puppypads, social interaction, playtime and beginning leash training. — $125 a week; includes up to 5 visits per week.

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