Resident Pets

I currently have 2 pets, both cats, Rafa (named after Rafa Nadal), who is a Tuxedo, 11 years old, and then Louie, 2 years old, big and getter bigger, Orange fluffy tabby.

My cats before: James, who died January 2018, at 18, He had diabetes from 16-18, so those last 2 years he got 2 shots a day of insulin. Rafa came when James was 10, so he made James (nicknamed Rudy) a much younger version of himself.

James we got in 2000, and at that time had Quista, short for Conquistador. Black cat, one of my favs. He liked to leave birds on my front steps, much to my neighbors’ chagrin. He was kidnapped over a Halloween period, never to be seen again. Before Quista, I had Corey, short for Chickory, who was a genuine Bulls-Eye Tabby. Corey would chase paper balls and bring them back to me. He died from a malignant tumor in his brain at the age of 6.

Before Corey, there was Cooper, or Joey as I called him, who I had brought down from Illinois in ‘83. He was a beautiful Chocolate Milk fluffy tabby. He almost died a couple of times from Feline Urologic Syndrome, but he lived to 10 – he happened to die at the Pet Sitters/Kennel. Never used another Kennel again.My first cat was Clark, a big orange cat, I got as a kitten from the guys at my boyfriend’s college house.

What is the funniest or most memorable experience you’ve have with an animal?

I’ve had some many memorable times, but one that really sticks out is when Cooper was a baby and ran up a tree, a biiigg oak tree, and a friend of mine had to use his fireman’s ladder to get him down.

Why you became a pet sitter/dog walker!

I’ve been an active volunteer at the Animal Shelter and work a lot with taking care of friends’ animals.

Why do you love working with animals?

I love working with animals because they like to play, do not complain, and are game for anything.

What you think your pet(s) would say about you!!

My pets think I Rock and Rule, more Rock

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