Resident Pets

I have been a dog owner and dog lover my entire life! I grew up with 3 schnauzers, and since then I have had a black lab, a pug, and a couple of loveable rescue mutts. I currently have two rescue Pit mixes, and they are the loves of my life!  Their names are Luna and Ringo.  Luna is my beautiful, spoiled little princess and Ringo has more personality and energy than any pup I’ve ever known!

What is the funniest or most memorable experience you’ve have with an animal?

My husband and I moved from New York City to Austin a few years ago.  We drove 1800 miles with our two 70 lb pit mixes and a U-haul trailer attached to our tiny car.  Being raised in NYC, our pups were not used to riding in cars, and they refused to lie quietly in the backseat. They insisted on riding in my lap the entire trip while my husband drove.  That’s 140 lbs of panting, drooling Pitbulls in my lap for 2 days straight. In a tiny car. In the middle of summer.

Why do you love working with animals?

I find it extremely important to keep mind, body, and spirit in balance. However, society is constantly reminding us just how unbalanced and disconnected life can be. Working with animals helps to keep me grounded and re-establishes the healthy balance that we struggle maintain in our busy lives.  Their accepting and unconditional nature is truly a wonderful gift that I cherish daily.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My dream is to someday own a home on a few acres of land, that my husband and I can turn into a doggy sanctuary.  There are too many wonderful dogs in shelters that deserve a chance at a great life.  I hope to be able to provide a happy forever home to as many dogs as I can manage!

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