Super Bowl XLIX is almost here! This year, it will be an epic battle between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. In honor of the big day, we’ve assembled this list of fun ideas for a memorable Super Bowl Sunday with your pets.

  1. Before the game (and after the party prep has been finished), take your best canine buddy for a walk.  This will help your dog burn off some energy and relax.
  2. Dress your dog or cat to show your team spirit!  A t-shirt or jersey in the team’s colors or even a bandana will show your guests that your fur baby is ready to enjoy the game.  Just make sure that the outfit is comfortable with no little pieces that can be chewed off or otherwise be a hazard for choking.
  3. Have pet-friendly snacks standing by.  Many foods enjoyed by people during the big game are too rich or potentially toxic to dogs, cats and other pets. Make sure your guests know which snacks are ok to share.
  4. Make Half Time Play Time – if the weather is nice, take the fun outside. If the weather isn’t favorable, then bring out the dog toys and get your guests involved.  Not only will your dog enjoy the attention but you’ll be getting the humans off the couch to stretch their legs.
  5. Have a place where your pet can go if he is feeling overstimulated or stressed – this can be in a quiet room away from the noise of the party.


Super Bowl commercials are a staple of game day. It’s considered to be some of the most expensive time on television for advertisers. This year, BuzzFeed and Friskies have teamed up to bring us this adorable and funny video: ‘Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game’.

One of the best-loved traditions of Super Bowl Sunday is watching the Puppy Bowl at halftime.  This year, Puppy Bowl XI will see Team Ruff facing off against Team Fluff.  No matter which team wins, viewers will be treated to an adorable display of puppy power.  Also, according to the Animal Planet website, the puppy-cam puppies have picked Seattle to win.  Let’s see if they are right!

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