Resident Pets.

We welcomed Tucker into our family in January of 2015.  We were only going to foster him until he found his forever home.  We fell in love with him!  Since then, we have enjoyed fostering several puppies and getting them into loving homes.

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced with an animal?

The funniest thing is when our dog gets the “zoomies” and he runs around the coffee table in the living room!  There’s no stopping him so we just get out of the way.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to be able to travel to beaches all around the world.


What can we learn from our animal friends?

They teach us about vision, patience, endurance and live among other things.

What is the best part about being a pet sitter?

Being with animals to experience their joy and curiosity of life.

What is your ultimate goal in life?



Resident Pets

I have 2 cats. One domestic medium haired boy age 15 and the other is a domestic short haired girl aged 10. I also have 2 chihuahuas. Both girls ages 11 and 16.

What can we learn from our animal friends?

They teach us about love. They teach us to not judge and to love unconditionally. They can teach us to be loyal.

What is the best part about being a pet sitter?

Getting out of the house with the dogs and giving them walks. Playing with them. Giving all the pets lots of petting and lots of love.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My goal is to become some kind of animal whisper. I know there is a lot of education that goes into what Jackson Galaxy (the cat man aka cat whisper) knows. I know Caesar Milan has a lot of experience his whole life being the dog whisper. I’d love to have both those skills some day.

VIP Pet Sitter Jess with brown and white dog


Resident Pets

I have three pets. Lou(Ferrigno) is a tuxedo cat, he’s about 9 years old. Brooklyn(Fonsworthington) is a Shiba-Inu mix, he’s about 6 years old. Teddy(Theodore Froto) is a Yorkie, he is four years old. All my babies have middle names that start with F, just because. My friend gave me Lou, I adopted Brooklyn from a shelter, and Teddy is a love child from my mom’s dogs. We named him Teddy/Theodore because when he was a puppy he looked just like a teddy bear, but was also so tiny and had a chubby little behind like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Funniest Pet Experience

My pets are constantly making me laugh – picking one thing is so hard! I’ll give something funny that each of mine does or have done. When we go on walks and Brooklyn sees a squirrel, he will cry so loud and literally try to climb the tree to get to it, but he can’t so he just cries louder in this strange Shiba-Inu whine-cry. It’s funny but early mornings are embarrassing sometimes. Teddy lets me know that he has to go potty by sitting on my hand and staring at me. They both love swimming so it’s kind of funny when they jump in the pool in the middle of winter and realize it’s cold! When I first got my cat, my friend gave me a stuffed animal that was the same coloring and size as Lou, needless to say Lou thought it was his girlfriend and tried to make kittens, all the time.

What I Like Most About My Job

I love working with animals so much! I love that they are always so happy to see you, they are there for you at all times, and they always make me happy no matter what is going on.

What Our Pet Friends Teach Us

They can teach us so much. They teach us patience, kindness, sense of humor, unconditional love, and responsibility, to name a few.

Jess’s clients say:

just wanted to let you know…karen and jess are amazing!!

thanks so much!!