Let’s face it, sometimes we hate leaving for work in the morning. This is especially true when you have a furry four-legged companion staring up at you with those sweet puppy dog eyes.

Well, our canine friends hate when we leave them too, some definitely more than others!

Luckily, Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 22 and that means we can take our beloved friend with us.

Black dog looking up wearing a red bandanna around it's neck

What is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

This day is observed the Friday after Father’s Day and was started by Pet Sitters International. It has been such a success that it has caught on in places such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Why is the Day So Special?

First, bringing your pup to work can encourage adoptions. For non-pet owners, seeing your fluffy pal could spark up an urge to adopt a furry friend of their very own.

Also, having your dog at work with you gives you a chance to teach others the proper way to approach a dog they do not know. It can even start-up a conversation about what owning a dog means. And finally, it gives your pup socialization time which is great for their well-being and teaches them good behavior.

Ways to Get Everyone at the Office Involved

If your place of employment supports Take Your Dog to Work day, why not go all out? Let’s celebrate the one that loves us, protects us, and Little dog's face being cradled in a women's hand looking up into camera provides so much comfort and fun! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Have a pot luck complete with puppy treats. There are so many great homemade pup treats such as frozen apple slices in chicken broth or pumpkin peanut butter treats.
  • Hold a friendly pet contest. Contests could include Best Trick, Cutest Pup, Ugliest Pup, Friendliest, Best Dressed, and the Top Dog. Take plenty of photos and post them in the office. Turn it into an annual thing.
  • Get everyone together for a local shelter donation. You could bring in items to put together a care basket for your local shelter. Or help raise the funds for a donation.

Get your best friend ready and have fun!

For all those other work days when your dog has to skip the office fun and be at home, contact us and let our fun Pet Sitters keep them busy.


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