Resident Pets

I have a sweet rescue dog named Alex who is 13. He comes with me everywhere he is allowed. Then we have 4 cats. Chito is an adorable white and orange kitty who walks with Alex and me. If we get too far ahead he “yells” at us to slow down. I had a stray who had kittens under my rose bush. Then mama kitty moved them and the kittens became feral. But now, three of those little kitties are my cats. They love me and play and come when I call them but are still timid around other people. Little Louise can catch a bird in mid flight. Jackie-o is very sweet and silky with a quiet meow. Oliver is a big orange lover kitty. He is friendly to every one like most orange kitties.

What I Enjoy Most About My Job

Playing and cuddling with pets!

Funniest Pet Experience

Chito “yelling” at Alex and me when we walk too far ahead. It’s funny and my neighbors love it.

What Our Pet Friends Teach Us

Patience (except when it comes to feeding time) and unconditional love.

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