When it comes to the types of plants that you have around your dog, you must be careful. Although plants in and of themselves seem very harmless, they can be a bit aggravating any dogs or pets that you have in your household. There is a good chance that your pets could be allergic to certain plants and they can cause your dog to have sneezing fits, excessive scratching and other symptoms of an allergic reaction. This is why it is important to take heed to the plants that you have both inside and outside of your home.

When your dogs are in the house, it would be great to have plants that could scent the air beautifully and wouldn’t cause any problems should your dog inhale the scent and plants outdoors that wouldn’t cause your dog to have an outbreak should they go snooping around in your bushes. These are just a few of the best dog friendly plants that are safe around your dog and may even provide some health benefits as well.

Creeping Rosemary Plant

Not just the Creeping Rosemary Plant, but all Rosemary plants are suitable for many culinary uses and are 100% pet safe and this makes it one of the best dog friendly plants. This is a plant that many gardeners use to fill many empty spaces in their garden with a nice cloud of evergreen.

Creeping Rosemary Plant

African Daisy Plant

The African Daisy plant has wonderful smelling daisies that aren’t funky smelling like other plants. They can really brighten up the mood if you have them indoors, and they can really add some color and pop to your garden if you were to have them outdoors. Not only are they available in yellow, but they are available in a plethora of other colors. Another thing about these plants is that they go very well dry climates and they are drought-tolerant. So, if you happen to have any dehumidifiers running in your household, they will do no harm to the African Daisy plants that you may have.

Purple Basil Plant

The Purple Basil Plant is one of the most common plants used outdoors because it brings stunning colors to gardens that really brings everything together. While they are mainly used for show, they also offer a great scent and basil is a seasoning that can really bring some great health benefits to the table. Chop some up, add them to your dishes or you can even sprinkle a little on your dog’s food to help them consume more fiber in their diet and relieve any pain or inflammation.

Conclusion: The Best Dog Friendly Plants

As for the best dog friendly plants, we would say that without a shadow of a doubt, that these choices certainly make the top 5 and if not, they make the top 10. What we invite you to do is experiment and find out which plants cause your dog to have a reaction, and of course, which ones that don’t. Once you find the ones that don’t and they also bring other benefits to the table such as offering up a beautiful scent along with some potential health benefits, then you are on the money when it comes to the best dog friendly plants.

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