With the weather still absolutely beautiful, we thought it would be great to write about the best dog parks in Austin! Is there a better way to spend a summer’s day than with your BFF in the park?

This blog will focus on the Austin, Texas area – so we hope you find a new spot here to explore with your four-legged pal! They are a mix of off-leash dog parks, and on-leash dog parks, so whatever you prefer, it will be listed here.


Shoal Creek Greenbelt

Shoal Creek Greenbelt is the perfect destination for playing with your pup. Enjoy on-leash walks with Austin’s beautiful, historical views or have an off-leash adventure in the designated area between 24th and 29th street. There are ideal picture spots throughout the park for you and your pooch. Located near the University of Texas, it is easy to find and so much fun. 


Auditorium Shores Off-Leash Area

Auditorium Shores Off-Leash Area is best for dogs that listen well and don’t roam too far. This is both for the safety of other dogs, and for themselves as the park is only partially fenced. This dog park is recently renovated and is on the shores of Lady Bird Lake – so you already know that it is beautiful! There are three water access areas for a cooling dip, so if your dog fancies a swim, it should be super easy! There are also drinking fountains and showers for the dogs so that they can stay hydrated and clean!


Harris Ridge Dog Park

Want to take your dog to the park, but you’re nervous about the bigger dogs? The Harris Ridge Dog Park is the perfect solution for you! With separate areas for large and small dogs, your pup can play rough and tumble with friends his size – meaning more fun for them, and less worry for you! This park has plenty of shaded areas and rolling hills for your pup to explore. 


Red Bud Isle

The pets are getting spoiled with this one! This thirteen-acre island is designed for dogs and lovingly maintained by human volunteers. How amazing! The surrounding lake and river waters act as a natural fence, and the island has a short nature trail and woods for you and your pup to explore! Be careful if your dog takes a swim! Currents can be dangerous for even the strongest doggy-paddlers.


Onion Creek District Park

This park is entirely off-leash! There are shady hiking trails, and the creek is perfect for both wading and swimming. You can go for a run and cool off in the water after! Caught unawares by your dog suddenly needing a potty break? No stress – there are doggy bag stations stocked up with poop bags throughout the park. 

Are you itching to get out and explore in your backyard? These five dog parks are the best in the Austin area! Whether you prefer exploring by foot or in the water, Austin has many great dog parks for you and your furbaby.

Did we miss an Austin dog park that you love? 

Let us know so that we can grow this list! 

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