Do you know how to keep your pet healthy? If you are on this blog page, chances are you love your pet. We do too! The team at VIP Pets are all dedicated pet professionals. So, we put together these pet health tips to help! A pet is your BFF, your partner in crime, and a living, breathing, hot water bottle during winter – the list is endless!                               

Here are some handy pet health tips to help you along your pet-loving journey!


Keep them a healthy weight.

We know; we hate diets too. However, an overweight pet can have a reduced life expectancy of up to two years! There are also a number of risks associated with an overweight pet, like diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory disease, risk of injury to bones and muscles – you get the picture!

If your pet has arthritis, keeping them a healthy, happy weight will also help keep their joints in check and have less pressure on them. 

Keeping your pet trim will give them the best chance of a healthier, happier, and a (hopefully) pain-free life!



Walking is a great, healthy activity for both you and your dog. However, it’s more than just a physical activity for them; it also serves as mental stimulation! The sights, sounds, and smells all stimulate your dogs’ mind! A bonus – walking will help preserve your pet’s muscle tone and joint movement. If your dog needs to lose weight, then walking should help them shed a few of those extra pounds!


Give them a balanced diet.

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential for your pets’ health. Pets need foods with nutritional value – with all the water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins essential to a pet’s diet. Our advice would be to feed your pet the highest quality pet food that you can afford! Why not have a look at The VIP Pet Shop to find the highest quality pet food around!


Go to the vet.

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of regular vet appointments for your pet. In the same way that we go to the dentists and doctors for check-ups, the vet will ensure that all is well with your pet’s general wellbeing. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! From routine deworming to vaccinations and more, your vet will be able to keep your pet healthy and safe! 


Spay or neuter your pet

Every year, millions of cats and dogs are euthanized. The decision to spay or neuter your pet helps make that number go down. Spaying or neutering your pet also helps calm mating instincts and behaviors. In female pets, spaying prevents serious health issues such as urinary tract infections and breast cancer later in life.

 It’s best to talk with your vet about the best options, time, and logistics for spaying or neutering your pet. 

Obviously, as pet owners, we want to keep our pets fit and healthy. Hopefully, these little bits of pet health information will encourage you to get outside with your dog or take your pet to the vet for that all-important check-up. You’re doing the best you can, and we at VIP Pets so appreciate you!

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