Pet ownership comes with many ups and downs. One of those downs can be dealing with injuries and wounds. One important thing to keep on hand at all times is a pet first aid kit with necessary materials. Bandages, gauze and an antiseptic cleaning solution are just a few examples.

Betadine is a fantastic item to keep in your pet fit aid kit. It is an over-the-counter topical antiseptic used to treat wounds. Since this may not be a solution that will work for every pup, here are some things to consider when using betadine on dogs.

Betadine can burn

Since this is an extremely potent antiseptic, you must dilute it with water before applying it to your pets’ skin. Betadine has a dark brown color, and you add water to it until it appears to be the color of iced-tea. If you apply this without diluting it, you will damage the tissue around your dogs’ wound. 

Alternatively, some owners may have considered using hydrogen peroxide or even rubbing alcohol to clean wounds. Hydrogen peroxide isn’t as strong as betadine. It can kill the healthy tissue around an injury, increasing healing time. Rubbing alcohol may be useful for smaller cuts. However, it can dry out the skin, which will also slow down healing time.

Things to consider when using betadine on dogs


Application Process

Next, you must consider the proper application of this product on your dog before using it. Let’s say you are treating your dog for hot spots. Hot spots are a common issue caused by an overpopulation of your dogs’ natural bacteria that grow on their skin. When an infection arises from a dog’s bacteria, it is almost always a root cause of hot spots. Luckily, something like this is easy to treat with betadine. 

To apply betadine on your dog, gently wipe the wound with a washcloth saturated with the betadine solution. You can do this up to twice a day for minor sores or skin infections.

One great thing about Betadine is that it is completely harmless if it’s ingested. If you are applying this solution on the part of your dog that they’re able to reach, you won’t have to worry about any additional problems if they get a little bit of the solution in their system. 


Use Betadine to stay ahead of infections.

While dogs are pretty resilient creatures, they are not immune to skin infections and bacteria. If your dog likes to go for swims in lakes or nearby bodies of water, chances are there are tons of bacteria waiting to cling onto your furry friend.

Your dog certainly will enjoy taking a dip in the water and cooling off in the upcoming summer months. Having betadine on hand will keep you prepared in case unexpected lesions come up. Stay proactive and keep your pet first aid kit stocked with the right items. You will be able to act quickly if something comes up. One more advantage? Treating any wounds or scrapes at home will save you a trip to the vet, as well as the bill that will come with the visit!

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