Imagine Texas on a warm Spring afternoon. The grass finally coming back, the flowers blooming, and our favorite green holiday is here. The hours are filled with a festive parade, concert, people, pets, and fun. No better time to enjoy the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas!

This past Saturday was the 36th Annual Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival, the largest St. Patty’s Day parade in the Southwest. There wasn’t a better place to “get your jig on” than at this hugely popular event in Lower Greenville. The sound of bagpipes, the mugs of beer, Irish dancing and the wearing of the green overflow. It was an experience not to forget!

As you strolled around the area amid all the laughter and song, you may have seen several  huge dogs standing quietly with their owners, looking around at the crowds calmly. As an animal lover, your heart skips a beat. Those are Irish Wolfhounds! A memory takes you back to a dream you always had of having your own, and you suddenly decide to make that wish come true.

Irish Wolfhounds are the gentle giants among the dog world and the pride of Ireland, heroically remembered in myth and tradition. In Gaelic they are the “Cú Faoil,”  used in ancient history for hunting wolves and knocking enemies from their horses in battle.

Treasured in the land they were born along beautiful Erin’s shores, Wolfhounds have touched our hearts here in America. Their gain in popularity has been swift as the word spread about their gentle loving natures, and wiry mutt look. The only downside really to this breed is their size. At a minimum of thirty-two inches high at the shoulder standing on all four paws, the Irish Wolfhound is not a pet designed for life in a city apartment.  At the very least, these animals need a tall fenced yard, with plenty of space to romp around.

There are many breeders and rescues for Wolfhounds in Dallas and the surrounding areas. If you wish to rescue an animal we always support the idea. The primary local rescue contact for these hounds is called The Texas Irish Wolfhound Rescue. Local breeders abound as well, easily viewed online if a young pup is what you would prefer.

While you explore the area looking for that perfect pet, you may sample the Irish world that the city itself has to offer. Everywhere you step the sights and sounds of Dallas are humming and vibrant but none quite so much as in an Irish pub!

There are several places to recommend in Dallas itself. The Trinity Hall Irish Pub, and The Dubliner, Malarkey’s Tavern and The Idle Rich Pub. All four places mentioned are authentically warm and welcoming establishments filled with song and laughter, and best of all? Should you find that Irish Wolfhound of your dreams, you can bring him along. All are pet-friendly…you can enjoy the fun with your hound at your feet as it was in bygone years!

Today will prove to be lively and full of St. Patty’s Day celebrations. Should you find that you need a sitter for your pet, just relax. We are here to help!

VIP Pet Services is a responsible and highly efficient pet care business. We take pride in the job we do, protecting and keeping your pet safe and happy. We know that if you are confident your pup (or kitty) is enjoying himself, then you can relax, take in the sights and sounds of the Irish and the beautiful sunsets Texas has to offer.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and have a fun, safe St. Patty’s Day in Dallas!

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