A Prestigious Panel of Leaders

BOD-1In today’s evolving marketplace, a company’s strength depends on its leadership. Very Important Pets, LLC operates under the direction of a prestigious panel of experts dedicated to the health and well being of animals. Our board of directors monitors the managers of the company and serves as advocates for the pet community. In essence, the board tries to make sure that all pets’ interests are well served.

Chairman of the Board – Colby

As Chairman, it’s Colby duty to keep the entire staff in line. As the younger canines play “tug of war,” Colby is quick to put an end to the roughhousing and refocus them on other more pertinent matters like, “why haven’t we had a biscuit in awhile?” He is constantly monitoring the human staff as well. If dinner is served late, or he isn’t let back in the house after his potty break with the appropriate sense of urgency, a loud bark alerts them and keeps them on their toes. His leadership style is firm but loving. He strives to keep everyone performing at their best.

President of Feline Operations/Internal Auditor – Shelby

As the sole feline member of the board, a lot of Shelby’s actions are of a more covert nature. She manages from a higher vantage point, like the top of a table or the kitchen counter. Shelby is the voice of the feline community. She is dedicated to making sure that they receive the love and attention they deserve. As internal auditor, Shelby polices the other canine members making sure they don’t forget their place in society; “behind the felines!” If one of the canines has a memory lapse, a quick hiss and a swat of her paw will normally serve as a very effective reminder.

Executive Vice President – Dingo

Dingo is our most senior member. It is his duty to ensure all animals have their appropriate nap time. He also tests all of the company’s dog beds and pillows, making sure they meet his high standard of excellence in the areas of softness and comfort. Dingo was Vader’s brother. He has been a very active member of the board since Vader’s passing in 2006. When asked about it, Dingo explains that his love and admiration for Vader keep him dedicated. It’s Dingo’s goal to ensure Vader’s legacy continues with VIP Pet Sitting and that the quality of service she established back in the beginning never falters.

Vice President of Product Development – Abby

Abby oversees all of the products that VIP uses on a daily basis. This is a responsibility that Abby takes very seriously and all products have to be tested regularly to make sure they are worthy of the company. Squeaky toys need to squeak properly, rope bones must withstand a good match of “tug-of-war,” rawhides must be chewy and tasty enough to keep a dog entertained, dog treats must be tasty and either crunchy or chewy enough to satisfy a craving. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it and Abby is very dedicated to the cause. She sometimes summons Wishbone and Macy for help and they are always happy to oblige. That’s what teamwork is all about, right?

Vice President of Human Resources – Wishbone

As VP of HR, Wishbone is very involved in the interview process. It’s his responsibility to make sure we hire the right people for the job. He knows it takes a special person to be a pet sitter; therefore he puts each and every applicant to the test to make sure we have a good fit. He tests their communication skills by barking at them; he tests how well they can pet by jumping up against their leg and demanding attention; he tests how soft their laps are by sitting on them; and if they are open to public displays of affection by trying to kiss their face. It’s an intense series of tests but in the end, Wishbone’s intuition always comes shining through.

Director of Training – Macy

Macy is our newest member of the board. Within the first few months of joining the team, Macy’s high energy and perseverance came shining through. She has taken it to task to lead the training area for VIP. Macy definitely keeps the human management members on their toes as she tests her boundaries every day. She has taught us how important it is to keep shoes and clothing put up and out of her reach; we are also now experts in cleaning the carpet and picking up messes. Thanks to Macy, our physical fitness level has even improved as we are constantly chasing her around. We are much more alert and have improved our multi-tasking skills too as we try to constantly keep a watchful eye. Macy’s intensive training techniques have given us the tools we need to run VIP more effectively and efficiently.

Director of Minority Operations – Elvis

Elvis represents the minority population. It is his job to make sure that each and every animal at VIP has a voice, from the tiniest of fish to the largest of dogs. We love and care for them all, regardless of species, size or gender. But, with Elvis in charge, you can rest assured that every rodent, reptile, amphibian, etc. will always be looked after and treated with the best of care