Yep! It’s that time of year, again: SXSW is coming up soon and whether you’re enjoying the festivities or escaping them, it’s time to make arrangements for your pets to move around Austin in style. Your pets need consistency to be comfortable and that’s one thing in short supply during Austin’s big entertainment blowout. Who needs Uber? Use a VIP Pet Taxi at South by Southwest.

Try to maintain your pet’s routine as much as possible during all the chaos. You may be rocking out at Stubb’s, but your pet is more interested in making it to the groomer, being fed and walked on time. He doesn’t want to hear about that great new band and how they played an extra set – not when it means his supper was late!

If it’s time for a grooming or vet visit, don’t make your pet wait because the traffic is just too crazy. Schedule a VIP pet taxi and we’ll wade through the traffic for you. We can even pick up and deliver your furry friend’s favorite food! We can also take your pal to pet camp if you’re not going to be home much, so she doesn’t miss out on walks and playtime.

Maybe you just want to dodge the chaos altogether but can’t take your pets with you; call us and you’ll be trusting your four-legged pals to the best pet sitters in Austin for South by Southwest. We’ll make sure that things stay as normal as possible for your dog or cat: meals and walks in the right places at the right times; snacks, cuddles and lots of love. You and your pet will both rest easier when things are running smoothly at home while you escape the madness.

Contact us for rave reviews from satisfied customers and then trust your pets to our caring professionals during South by Southwest!

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