As we continue to honor Cat Health Month, we must also tip our hats to our dog loving brethren who will be witnessing the creme de la creme of dog breeds in the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show taking place February 16-17, 2015. Broadcasting on the heels of Valentine’s Day, it will be a sweet treat for dog lovers all over the world.

The dog show began in 1887 and introduced the best in show category in 1907. The show celebrates numerous breeds in all sorts of categories including the sporting group, working group and toy group. The breed that has won the most best of show awards over the years is the terrier. Best in Show for 2014 was in fact a female Wire Fox Terrier named Sky.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is probably the most well-known celebration of dogs in the world. It takes place at Madison Square Garden. Over 2500 dogs are participating in the show this year. The Coton de Tulear and Wirehaired Vizsla breed of dogs are two new entries to the competition for 2015.

Are you wondering how you can get your dog into this famous dog show? Your dog is a welcomed addition to the show if it is a top champion at other American Kennel Club dog shows or if they invite you and your dog to participate.

What does it take to become a show dog? The show welcomes well-trained dogs that are excellent examples of their breeds. In certain categories such as agility, you don’t need a purebred dog. If you do want to show your dog, there are classes you and your best friend can participate in. Or you can get a handler to work with your dog. There are also “fun shows” that don’t go to points for a title and are great way to introduce your dog to this exciting environment.  It is important to note that you must register your dog with the AKC in order to participate in their shows.

Show dogs have to learn certain behaviors in order to participate. Most importantly, you must have a socialized dog. Socializing your dog needn’t be hard. You might start with taking your dog to an obedience class, a pet store or get individual attention from a VIP pet sitter. It is a great idea to begin socializing your dog with people experienced with pets.  Ideally you want to socialize your dog as a puppy but even “old dogs can learn new tricks.” The attention your dog receives at a dog show is a wonderful reward for your socialized dog.

Your dog might never be ready for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but you and your best friend can enjoy it nonetheless even without going to Madison Square Garden. Canine enthusiasts can watch the show live on CNBC or livestream it at

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