We love our dogs. There is no question about it and the absolute LAST thing that we want to see is them being in some sort of pain. Their pain can be caused by many things. It could be a bug bite, it could be a worm or a parasite that they may have, or it could in relation to an underlying infection or disease that they may be carrying. In the case of an infection or disease, it may be a good idea to take them for a checkup, immediately, if you suspect that this is the cause of their pain. However, the question remains: what can i give my dog for pain? There are some methods that you can go about relieving your dog’s pain, both drug-related, and natural pain relievers. Let’s cover those now.

Natural Pain Relievers For Dogs

We have our list of natural pain relievers for dogs listed first, because we recommend that you try natural ways before you make your way to putting any powerful drug substances in your dog in efforts to cure their pain. Not only do natural pain relievers for dogs who are in pain, but they also cut down on any possible side effects that may arise. Here are some of the natural remedies:

Yucca Root

Yucca root is a desert plant that comes with a plethora of medicinal properties and purposes to care for the health of any human or dog who consumes it. In fact, many human arthritis patients take this, because it has something in it called steroidal saponins which help to tremendously ease joint pain and reduce inflammation.

Cayenne Pepper

Increases blood circulation to joints, muscles and connective tissues because of the capsaicin that it has. One great thing about this is that it can be used both topically as well as internally for relieving pain in your dog.


Ginger helps to stop the immune system from producing what are called leukotrienes which cause inflammation. It also does a great job at easing any join pain just as the yucca root does.

Natural Pain Relievers For Dogs

Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers For Dogs

Once again, we recommend you first start with the natural pain relievers for your dog, but if you absolutely must, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers for a little more power. Always consult with your veterinarian first before resorting to this method and the ones listed below.


Steroids are the number one substances to control pain when it is in an excruciating stage. In most cases, they are only prescribed by vets in rare cases, but one of the most popular is prednisone.


It has been reported that many vets often combine antidepressants with natural dog supplements because of the pain relieving power that they offer.


Opiates aren’t necessarily a pain reliever because they do more of blocking the dog’s ability to feel the pain. Similar to the steroids, these will be used in extreme cases and prescribed by your veterinarian and can often be too strong for dogs.

Conclusion: What Can I Give My Dog For Pain?

So, as for the question “what can i give my dog for pain?” – This list of remedies should steer you in the right direction. You can try the over-the-counter pain relievers if you’d like, but it would be best to consult your vet before doing so. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to also consult with them about the natural remedies as well. Chances are, these will get the approval much quicker because they are effective but more safe.

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