Hey Snoopy!

Remember Snoopy from the Peanuts gang? It’s a little known fact, but this famous pup was terrified of high weeds. He couldn’t stand sitting Springtime Yard Cleaning Is Important For Pets in a field of weeds that were taller than him. Your dog probably isn’t as phobic about weeds as Snoopy, but having a clean yard would probably make him very happy. With the sun finally out, springtime yard cleaning is important for pets.

It is obviously unsanitary to let dog waste rot on the ground or in the grass. Especially in the hot Texas environment, it could encourage unwanted insects. Many owners train their dogs to wait until they go on their walks, but others prefer to clean up the mess in the yard. Enter VIP Pet Services.

VIP offers poop scooping services on a one-time basis or at discounted pricing with a weekly commitment. The number of donor pets contributing to your waste pickup needs and your yard size determines the price.

What We Do

During each visit, we carefully police your back yard, scooping and bagging all pet waste. We will spray a disinfectant, double bag it and leave it in your trash bin; or we will take the poop with us and dispose of it for a $3.00 fee.

  • Weekly Poop Scooping Rates. Most clients need only one visit per week. We come by your house on the same day each week (determined by the location of your house). We recommend twice per week service for customers with exceptionally small yards and lots of waste, or those who simply prefer their yard be extra clean. These rates apply for those clients who commit to at least once per week Poop Scooping Services:
    Standard Yard: $12.95 per backyard per visit for one dog plus $3.00 for each additional dogStandard yard is 1/2 acre or less. We reserve the right to charge an additional $5 per yard for a large yard or $10 per yard for an extra large yard. We charge an additional $5.00 per week to scoop both the front and back yards.
  • First Visit. First visit charges vary based on number of dogs, the yard size, and your yard’s pet-waste accumulation. An initial $45 fee may be charged if warranted, after which time we will charge the normal weekly rate.
  • We also offer a Call Ahead Service, One-Time Scoops and a special Puppy Program to address scooping needs after a new litter of puppies. Pricing and more info is available here.

Beyond this, the yard should be checked for weeds that are dangerous to pets. Maybe that was why Snoopy was so phobic about weeds. He had bad memories of a tall weed he shouldn’t have tasted. He also could have been concerned about all the things that can hide in those weeds. Nettles, ants, rats and snakes can crouch down in the grass, waiting to surprise a curious pooch or kitty. It is generally a good idea to keep the lawn mowed and weeds short.

With early spring here we look forward to frolicking with your pets in the yard. Please contact us to schedule your poop scooping service now and reclaim your backyard for fun in the sun!

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