Lace-up your sneakers, grab your dog’s leash, and get ready to go dog walking in Plano. As the most trusted pet sitter and dog walker in Plano, we know where all the best dog-friendly spots are at. These beautiful natural settings are some of the best places to walk your dog. Located about 20 miles north of Dallas, Plano offers a multitude of trees, walking trails, and several beautiful parks around the city.

Next time you are heading out to walk your dog, check out one of these great places for dog walking in Plano. Your dog may not be able to verbally say it, but we know they will love it! If our word isn’t enough, just look for the wagging tail and the excitement on their face!

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Address6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093
Where Nature Thrives

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a 200-acre park on the western side of Plano.  It features three distinct eco-regions: 1) Blackland Prairie, 2) Riparian Forest, and 3) Upland Forest.  The entire area is pet-friendly with paved and unpaved walking trails, as well as water areas, so your dog can enjoy a little splash in the creeks on hot days.

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

Roam Free

With its vast 800-acre expanse, Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve is a true gem in Plano’s outdoor offerings. Ranked fourth on TripAdvisor’s list of must-see attractions, this park features 3.5 miles of concrete trails and 5 miles of soft surface trails along the scenic Rowlett Creek. Nature enthusiasts can explore these trails from sunrise to sunset daily.

Happy Bulldog at Bob Woodruff Park

Bob Woodruff Park

A Scenic Sanctuary

Connected by bike trails by Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, Bob Woodruff Park offers a serene escape for nature lovers and their furry companions. This expansive park spans over 840 acres, larger than New York City’s Central Park. Here, you can admire one of the area’s oldest trees, estimated to be over 200 years old.

Russell Creek Park

Unwind in Nature’s Embrace

Russell Creek Park is a beloved community hub boasting a tranquil lake and 3.5 miles of paved trails perfect for hiking and biking adventures with your four-legged friend.

Spring Creek Nature Area

A Scenic Sanctuary

Just a stone’s throw away from Plano, the 51-acre Spring Creek Nature Area in Richardson offers a delightful escape into nature’s embrace. Meandering trails wind through a picturesque hardwood forest, and a pedestrian bridge overlooks the enchanting Spring Creek, which connects with the Galatyn Woodland Preserve.


No matter which nature spot you and your pup venture into, it is crucial to embrace responsible pet ownership by taking care of the environment. Always carry waste bags and promptly clean up after your furry companion, ensuring that their waste is properly disposed of in designated receptacles. By doing so, you contribute to maintaining the cleanliness and pristine beauty of these natural spaces, preserving them for everyone’s enjoyment. It prevents the accumulation of waste, promotes hygiene, and safeguards the health of other visitors and wildlife. By being diligent in cleaning up, you create a positive example for fellow dog owners, fostering a community of responsible pet ownership and environmental stewardship.


The trusted professionals at VIP Pet Services in Plano are happy to help! With over 20 years serving the entire Plano area, you know your pet is in good hands. Our unwavering dedication to the highest industry standards ensures your pet receives the same love and care they get from you when you’re away!

VIP Pet Services understands the importance of maintaining a consistent and loving environment for your furry friend. Whether you need pet sitting, dog walking, or other specialized services, our trained professionals will ensure that your pet receives the same level of care and attention you provide.

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