How much does pet sitting cost in Frisco? If you’re a pet owner living in Frisco, Texas, chances are you thought about hiring a professional pet sitter. One of the big things clients like to know is how much pet sitting costs in Friso, Texas. Since this is one of the most significant deciding factors on whether or not to pursue pet sitting, you need to inform yourself about all potential costs.

The pet-sitting cost in Frisco, Texas, varies when you consider a few factors broken down below. 


The most cost-effective option: Free Pet Sitting

The pet-sitting cost in Frisco can be free. Going the free/cheapest route when it comes to pet sitting isn’t always the best idea. The quality of the service you get might not be up to your standards. You should also consider why you need a pet sitter in the first place. Will you be gone for a couple of hours during the day to run errands? Are you going on vacation or stepping out for the evening? 

You should also think about what your pet will need while you’re away. If you need someone to check in on or hang out with your pet, then you can ask a friend or relative to watch your pet for you as a favor.  Make sure you leave clear instructions to follow for feeding schedules and bathroom breaks. If you can find someone that cares deeply about your pet as much as you do, then you might not have to worry as much. 

Doing this can be a bit of a risk since you won’t be paying the individual at the end of the day. Can you trust that they will feed your dog or take them for a walk when it’s time? It’s hard to know whether or not the person who is doing you a “favor” is committed to making sure your pet is taken care of from head to tail. 


App-Based/Online Options

When looking through online resources to determine the pet sitting cost in Frisco, you may notice that pet sitting rates can range from $20-$30 per visit. Rates will vary based on what your pet needs. If your cat or dog requires medication administration, or multiple feedings a day, it can drive up the visit’s cost. Websites like Rover or can be great resources to check for a pet sitter. You must be willing to read through numerous profiles to find a potential match. will also show you local pet sitters/dog walkers listed on their website.

Please keep in mind, these online pet sitters are more than likely new to the business. So, establishing their credibility can be challenging. Are they taking this seriously? Or is it just a way for them to make extra money? Anyone can lie on an online profile. When it comes to your fur babies, you need to ensure they are getting proper care from someone who cares! You don’t want someone coming into your home and also potentially stealing your belongings. 

If you are willing to do your research to ensure you find an excellent person to take care of your pet, searching through online resources can be a viable option. Just be sure to take any precautions of your own since this is still a stranger coming into your home. 



Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter 

The cost of pet sitting with a professional can range between $10-$50 for in-home visits. The great thing about hiring a professional pet sitter is that you will be working with someone who has likely been in the business for a long time and has made a career out of it. 

One thing to look out for is whether or not the business is well staffed. If it’s just a one-person operation, you don’t want to risk your pet not getting the attention they require. 

What about pet updates? How often are they willing to update you on your pet while you’re away? Some businesses even offer a GPS tracking service, so you will know exactly where your pet is at all times. While extra add-ons like this can drive up the costs for pet sitting, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. 

You can also incur additional fees if your pet needs extra care for medication administrations, nail trims etc. And, these fees can double or triple if you have multiple pets. A professional pet sitter will have a website for you to check out that includes a detailed list of rates for each of their services. As well as information about cancellation fees, agreements, and holiday surcharges.


How Much is VIP Pet Services?

At VIP Pet Services, we offer various services that can be customized to meet your needs. We are a professional service-oriented company that prides itself on being responsive, reliable and caring. We have nearly 20 years of industry experience to show for it.

Although our rates are above average, our pet care is far superior to that of average companies based on our research. We’re happy to offer a customized quote, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients feel safe and secure with their pets’ care. 

For a complete breakdown of our fees or to read more about our services, click here. And, be sure to give us a call if we can answer any further questions. Don’t be surprised when we answer our phone!