Valentine’s Day is a time to show love and spark some romance! Chocolate, candy hearts, or champagne are a common indulgence.  Flowers are beautiful and fragrant, a symbol of affection.  Gifts are frequently exchanged, wrapped in pretty paper and topped with a bow.  Turn off the lights and dine by the glow of beautiful candles. All of this warms the heart.  Just don’t forget your beloved pet, who is sometimes too eager to share the love.  We have a few Valentine’s Day safety tips for your pet to keep in mind:

1. Be careful with those tasty Valentine’s!  Chocolate and sugar-free candy are potentially deadly.  Chocolate can contain Methylxanthines, a stimulant like caffeine, which can impact the gastrointestinal, neurological, and cardiovascular systems.  Symptoms can include vomiting and diarrhea, pets can become hyper, and have seizures.  Those cute candy hearts can contain Xylitol, which can result in an unhealthy drop in blood sugar, leading to depression and seizures.

2. Alcohol, if ingested by animals, can mimic intoxication, but the results could be much more serious than a hangover.  The symptoms can range from vomiting to respiratory failure, even coma or death. So keep a lid on the cocktails in front of your furry family members!

3. Pets don’t just stop and smell the roses, they occasionally eat them.  The thorns, if ingested can cause puncture wounds in the mouth, throat, and stomach, leading to infection.  If possible, remove the thorns from the roses.  There are other flowers that are toxic, such as lilies, especially to cats.

4. Beware of chewing kitties or puppies! Pets have been known to chew plastic and ribbons, even balloons.  These items if chewed, can pose serious dangers such as becoming lodged in the throat or digestive tract resulting in choking or suffocation.

5. Candlelit dinners are very romantic, but don’t leave a lit candle unattended.  A curious pet’s fur could ignite or the candle could easily be knocked down and cause a fire.

Being aware of these hazards can make for a safer Valentine’s Day for both you and your pet. For additional tips or to schedule a VIP Sitter for the big evening, contact us.

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